Why You Should Read Nanberry!


"Jiriya! Wari! Wari!".This is an extraordinary historical novel about an Aboriginal boy called Nanberry from when he stood upon the rocky shore and watched the tall ships come to his death

First Reason

I would first like to begin with Jackie French's style. Jackie French's are always very descriptive.This was a very captivating story.Every time I picked up this book to read it I was very intrigued.

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Second Reason

In this book the historical fiction is unbelievable.first of all Jackie French had to a lot of research for this novel like who married who because back then the information about that sort of stuff was very rarely written in dairies or recorded

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Final Reason

Finally the characters in this book always have a little something about them.The main characters in the book are Nanberry, Surgeon White, Maria, Andrew, Mr Moore and Rachel Tuner.


I believe that what I written has convinced you to this book in the future.