Summer Reading Technology Project

By: Kaila McAbee


This book is titled The Roar and it is written by Emma Clayton. The characters in this book are Ellie twin sister of Mika, Mika twin brother of Ellie, Puck a capuchin monkey , Mal Gorman the kidnapper , Asha and David Ellie and Mika's parents, and Helen, Mika's therapist . The conflict in this story was that Ellie was kidnapped and Mika had to save her and that Mika went through the decision to save Ellie or not. The settings were Mika's house and school, the arcade, Helen's house, various resorts.

Character Analysis

The main character is Mika and he found sister, Ellie by being in a competition . He was motivated by the fact he could find his sister if he won the competition . I think Mika learned to follow his instincts because he found out so many things when he did.

Rising Action

I think the rising action was when Ellie was kidnapped by a man named Mal Gorman. The police kept searching and searching and they never found her. So when Ellie's parents and police gave up and said she was dead Mika, Ellie's twin brother didn't take it so well. I think that was the rising action because Ellie's disappearance was what drove the story. This was shown when it said "Ellie's disappearance had shaken Mika so badly that even a year later he was gripped by the desolation he's felt the night it happened."

Rising Action

Mika's school got a new program called Fit For Life. It was new none has ever heard of it. Fit for Life got a new game called Pod Fighters and that day he got a vision that he was I the game. Also that Helen, Mika's therapist, told him to play and that will lead him to his sister. It shows this when it says," If you play the game I think you will find Ellie." Helen said. I think that was the rising action also because Helen told him to play the game to find her sister and that's what he was missing or wanting to find.


I think the climax was when Mika had to make the decision to play Pod Fighters or not to find his sister. That was the most important decision he had to make in the story. This was again when it said,"Mika realized that Helens advice to play the game meant more than just learning pod fighters in then new arcade."

Falling Action

I think the falling action was that Mika and Audrey, Mika's partner in Pod Fighters, completed rounds 1 and 2. So now they had to do round 3 and they had to do a test to see who wins. So in the end there was 6 winners including Mika and Audrey. So later that day Mika made a agreement with Mal Gorman to give Ellie back but there was a catch Mika had to fight again against his will. Mika agrees . This was shown when it said,"Mika and Audrey ww would be competing in the final round of the competition next weekend."


I think the resolution was when Mika found Ellie because that's what Mika was doing the whole entire time was playing Pod Fighters to find her. So now that has found her I think that he's going to be more than happy. This was shown when it said,"touching her felt like a deep sigh." Mika said .


I think the theme is to follow your instincts even if no one believes you. Because you could find or get something out of it that you didn't could.


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