The Typewriter

By: Shyanne Avila

History About the Typewriter

The typewriter was invented by Christopher Latham Sholes , Carlos Glidden , and Samuel W. Soule in Wisconsin in 1868. Christopher refused to use it. He wouldn't even recommend it to anyone. Later, this typewriter began to sell in the markets in 1873. There were also other typewriters that were sold.

The Impact of the typewriter

Before the Typewriter became successful, It went through a ton of trial and errors. A successful typewriter in 1853-1867 was the Sholes and Glidden one, which eventually sold in markets. This was the "first" typewriter. In 1867-1881 The Remington typewriter was also sold in the markets. This was the "second" typewriter. Typewriters made businesses better and easier to get work done. Secretaries and woman all over were using them. Soon the typewriter was one of the main tools. Typewriters completely changed how women work. Woman had to learn how to type, and learn how to actually use it. People actually thought that typing could help woman in the long run with other jobs, but not just woman. Men could use these for their jobs and for the paperwork they needed to do. The typewriter is basically the 1800's computer, just without google and websites.

This is an example of a woman using a typewriter

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