Hello everyone !

This your kindergarten class. I hope you will have wonderful year with me.....

I am Dinethra Sevwandi Mudalige. I recently graduated from University of Dubuque with a Bachelors degree in Elementary Education.

How to contact me...

These are the best ways to contact me.

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•Rule 01. Listen when someone is talking

•Rule 02. Raise your hand to speak

•Rule 03. Fellow directions quickly.

•Rule 04. Be a caring friend.

•Rule 05. Always do your best.

curriculum for the year

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discipline policies

  1. When I say 123 eyes on me students should reply 123 eyes on you. By doing this students realize that they are not listening and this is the time to pay attention to the teacher. We will practice this many times in the first month in the class until they are familiar with this.

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2. Marble jar is set in corner of the room. If a student is having a hard time in calming down or miss behavior. That student will go to the marble jar and start putting the marbles in to the jar and also they will count the marbles. This will give him or her a time to think about what they have done. And also this is a treatment for them to calming down.

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3.Everyday students get starts for their daily performance. At the end of the week’s star performers selected from the class. The students who have highest number of stars are going to be on “this week’s star performers” chart.

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First parents teacher meeting

Sunday, Sep. 15th 2013 at 11:45pm-3am

Irving Elementary School, Dubuque, IA

Dubuque, IA

I hope to talk about the new class and how you can participate. I am looking forward to see you all!

My day plan....


  • Greet Miss. Mudalige
  • After they arrived students hang up coats & bag in locker.
  • Go to miss. Mudalige's classroom
  • Find their groups.
Every day groups are changing their positions. So they need to go to the group chart to figure out which group they are going to be for the day.

  • 8.45 a.m - school starts.
  • At 8.45am- 9.25am Table activities

They have a blank book where they can start tracing their name and draw a picture.

· When the times up students will finish up the work and collect the books in the middle of the table.

· At 9.25 – 9.45 Center time

Students work in different activities

There are four stations (drawing, play kitchen, blocks, and reading)

Students will choose their centers.

· 9.45am-10.00am Bathroom break

After bathroom break students will wash their hands and back to the groups.

· 10.00am- 10.45 Math

· 10.45- 11.15am Science


· At 11.15am- 11.45am Lunch

Students will eat in their own classroom.

· At 11.45 am- 11.50am students will get ready for recess.

Recess will be outside unless it is raining. If it is a snow day students need to wear snow boots ,jackets and snow pants in order to play outside.

· At 11.50am- 12.20pm Recess

· At 12.20pm- 12.28pm Bathroom break

· At 12.28pm-12.40pm Quite time

Students will have a nap at this time.

· At 12.40pm – 1.10 Art, Music or Gym

According to the schedule the days will be vary. For the gym your child need gym shoes.

· AT 1.00pm- 1.15pm Snack time.

Students will get a little snack and a glass of milk for the snack time. IF your child is allergic to any food let teacher know.

· At 1.15pm- 1.55pm Stations

Students will assign to four stations

(Pattern making, reading, counting)

· At 1.55pm-2.00pm clean up time

Students will clean up their stations

· At 2.00pm- 2.05 Students get ready to leave

Goodbye song

Students will pack up their belongings and get in to the line to leave