Deciduous Forest

By: Sean Terpstra

Deciduous Forest Biome

The deciduous forest biome is a forest that has a lot of plants, trees and animals. The deciduous forests have all kinds of wild life. For example, there are foxes, deer, bears, robins, and insects. Deciduous forests are located in the eastern part of the United States. Also did you know that the United States have five times the amount of deciduous forests than Europe.

Fun Facts

Deciduous forests trees lose their leafs yearly. Also deciduous forests has a lot of wild life. There are manny insects in the deciduous forests during the summer. The weather in deciduous forests in mostly rain and sunshine. Due to farming some animals were forced out of their homes.

The Environment of a Deciduous Forest

Test Question!

What are the two bears doing by the river bank?

A. Playing tag.

B. Doing Chung Fu practice.

C. Playing hide and seek.