Engage and Learn August 3,2015


Welcome Back Teachers

Time flies when you are having fun!

I can not believe we are already starting this brand new year!! It is exciting to see everyone again or for the first time. :)

For new teachers, I am Jill Houin and will be your Technology Coach for this year. This means I am here when you need ideas to use Technology in your classroom, help you in any way with learning the tools you have available, and I am willing to co-teach if you need that little extra support. :) I am always just an email away. My email in each corporation is jhouin@culver.k12.in.us, jhouin@argos.k12.in.us, or jhouin@triton.k12.in.us. :)

This year I will be in 3 corporations. I will be in Argos, Culver, and Triton for my 190 day contract. That means I will be split into thirds. I will do my best to help anyone who needs anything and remember that emailing me is the best way to get me. :) I will be sending weekly letters again to help and give some ideas. I will have my schedule and shout out some great things I am seeing in the schools and classrooms!!

Triton: Tuesday and Thursday

Culver: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

Argos: Enjoy your last week off :)

Shout outs:

Mrs. Klotz for checking out Kahoot this summer! Great tool!

Mrs. Maddix for working on her new website. She is checking into Weebly and Webnode.

Mr. Walker for getting excited about Twitter!

Mrs. Alexander for starting to move MBC to Google Classroom!

Chrome Text to Speak add on

This tool is great for struggling readers or readers with disabilities.

Classroom 101