Kite project


kite blueprint

This is my blueprint for my kite project. My kite is a diamond kite. My group chose a diamond kite because we think it will fly better than other kites. Ik chose my measurments for kite by aproximately how big it will be when we make it in rea life.


In my group we have alot of materials. We have skewers for the spreader and spine, string for the line, trash bags for the shape, scrap trash bags for tail,  tape to hold it all together, and makers to decorate.

Model kite

In math class we created a model kite. This model kite is helping me with the big kite because the model shows you how to basicly make a real sized kite. It really helped me out.

History of the diamond kite

The diamod kite is the most known kite. This kite has been around for a long time. It seems like when you think of a kite another word that comes to mind is diamond. Some people call the diamond kite the 2 stick kite, the 2 sticks are the spreader and the spine. The sucess rate of diamond kites flying is very high.
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