By R.J. Palacio

By: Amber Younie Period Four


*Protagonist are Characters

# Antagonist are Characters

When it all started...

  • Setting - Upper Manhattan in New York
  • School - Beecher Prep
  • Main Characters
  • August
  • Supporting Characters
  • Julian August's friend
  • Jack August's friend
  • Summer August's friend
  • Mom August's Mother
  • Dad August's Father
  • Daisy August's Dog
  • Via August's sister
  • Mr. Tushman the principal
  • Nurse Molly works at Beecher Prep
  • Justin Via's boyfriend
  • Simile/ Metaphor
  • One metaphor is on page 204 it says," the universe was not kind to Auggie Pullman". That is a metaphor because the universe can not be nice to somebody.
  • One simile is on page 10 it says," when my head is laying on Via's lap she is like my pillow." That is a simile because you are comparing Via's lap to a pillow.

Plot of Story

The author tells the story of ten-year-old August. He is homeschooled and his parents wants his to try to go to school and if he doesn't like it he can stop going if he wants to. Now, he's about to enter the fifth grade in a regular school. This story is told from his August goes to check out the school before he attends, and he meets some students. Two are nice, but one is somewhat mean to him. The first day of school is all right. Most people don't want to be near him, but his new friend, Jack, stays near him during classes. A girl named Summer joins him at lunch. Perspective as well as from his sister's, her boyfriend's and friends' perspectives. This guy named Julian starts to become really popular and August doesn't really like him and that goes for Jack too. Jack and August got into a little fight and don't become friends anymore. So Jack overheard something and decides he wanted to apologies to August. At the end of fifth grade Auggie and his classmates celebrate their graduation. It's a joyous time, and Auggie shows that he is really growing up. The principal talks with the people at the graduation about the importance of being kinder than necessary.

Favorite Scene

My favorite scene in the book is when Jack punched Julian in the nose and Jack got suspended but while he was he texted August and apologized for everything he did and because friends again. This all happens in the chapter Detention on page 155 this all started and that is when Jack got suspended. The letters happened on chapter Letters, Emails, Facebook, and Texts all the emails sent to everybody and the apologies. Also in that chapter all the lies came out. Not only did the lies come out but Jack and August became friends again. That is my favorite scene of the entire book.

2 Figurative Languages

One personification in Wonder is on page 14 it says;" Lets fix them up on a blind date." That is personification because you can't have a blind date and it is comparing to real life situations.

One alliteration in wonder is on page 118 the quote says," words cant bring you down." That is an alliteration because words don't have actions and it is saying words have actions.

5 Vocabulary Words

1. Page 4 , petrified. Definition- Frightening.. It was so petrified when my bird bit me.

2. page 221, hysterically. Definition- very funny... It was hysterically to see my dog race a cat.

3. Page 221, streaming. Definition- transmitting... I was streaming a picture on to Facebook 4. Page 221, sadder. Definition- sad... I have never seen her sadder then the world.

5. Page 223, whimpering. Definition- whine or cry... My dog whimpers when I don't hold him.