Weekly Journal Entries


The nitty-gritty

I received a question on the Ask Your Instructor Forum related to the Weekly Journals, and I wanted to share some information about those. First, your journals will follow the same time format as your reflections in other classes. You will should work on them between Friday and Saturday of each week.

First, the journals will be graded differently than what you're used to. The purpose of a journal is to keep a running account of something, whether it be personal thoughts and experiences, or your educational journey. The idea is that, as you create new entries, you look back at your previous entries and see how you've progressed in terms of your academic growth. That's the goal for these journals.

What you are being asked to do in your weekly entries will help you complete one of the activities in Week 7.5 of the course. I'd like you to think about both the literature you're reading, as well as the connections between what we're doing in class and your future workplace.

One of your final assignments for this class will be to look over your journals and think about how far you've come in terms of your understanding of literature and the Workplace Capabilities. The journal will be graded as one piece. What I mean by that is, you won't have an individual weekly grade for each journal entry; instead, you'll have one overall grade based on the quality of your submissions. You are still required to submit one entry per week, but you'll only get one grade.
Power of Journaling