Solve Multiplication Facts



Today you will be creating models of multiplication problems.


  1. Read through the entire process.
  2. Check out Mr. Smith's multiplication trick video below.
  3. Visit, select a game, and practice some multiplication facts that are a little more challenging for you. Spend about 10 minutes practicing.
  4. View the video: Solve Multiplication Problems Using Arrays.
  5. Take a look at some of the arrays and multiplication problems below the video.
  6. In your notebook, draw arrays for the following problems:
7 x 3
6 x 8
4 x 9
7. Return to the worksheet and answer the questions there.

2. VIDEO: Mr. Smith's Multiplication Trick

Teacher Tipster (Multiplication Facts Trick)

4. VIDEO: Solve Multiplication Problems Using Arrays

Solve multiplication problems using arrays (1) - 4.NBT.5

5. VIEW: Click on each picture to view the array. Make sure to notice the multiplication problem that it represents.

6. NOTEBOOK: Draw an array for each of the multiplication problems below. You may use any shape in your arrays.