January KODIAK News 2016

Wallace & Priscilla Stevenson Intermediate School

Dear Families,

Welcome to 2016! I hope everyone had a great break; it has definitely been wonderful seeing all our classes reunite and start the New Year together!

This winter has been pretty eventful with amazing weather, and although the snowfall is beautiful, it does present some tricky situations. Please keep in mind you can always sign up for Flash alert via our web page to get the most update information on school delays and closures.

Thanks for support! Go Kodiaks!

Columba Jones


Student Happenings

4th Grade

· We have been working with long division, like 3 426. It’s hard! If possible, please work with your child on how to solve this type of problem this week. We were working before break on the algorithm- divide, multiply, subtract, bring down, repeat. Don’t worry about teaching it “correctly,” just give it a try! It’s a difficult concept and all students in class could use individual help. Thank you!

· Our salmon were released into the Columbia on December 18th, since we missed our field trip on the 17th. Good luck, little swimmers! Our next science unit is earth materials.

5th Grade

In science, 5th grade is diving into the landform unit. This unit introduces students to the fundamental concepts in earth science: change takes place when things interact; all things change over time; patterns of interaction and change are useful in explaining landforms. Students also learn about some of the tools and techniques used by cartographers and use them to depict landforms.

In Math, 5th graders will explore addition and subtraction problems that contain decimals. They will also learn how to estimate sums and differences. They will then move into multiplying and dividing numbers with decimals. Vocabulary will include: Associative property, Commutative Property, Identity Property, and inverse operations.

In reading 5th graders will be reading one more nonfiction story focusing on main ideas and supporting details, while also focusing on summarizing. Following that story, we will move into fiction by mid-January while we focus on understanding characters, and author’s purpose.

In writing, students will be researching and writing about one form of renewable energy. They will be looking at both the benefits and the negatives to the energy source. This writing project goes along with what students have been learning in science prior to winter break.

In social studies students will be reading about the 13 original colonies. Students will be focusing on three regions, New England, Middle, and Southern Colonies. Each colony was founded for different reasons, had geographic and climate differences, as well as differences in their economies.

6th Grade

In 6th grade language arts we are finishing a unit on the use of language and moving toward paragraph structure. We are emphasizing the importance of description and sentence variety.

In social studies, we have begun investigating the civilization of Egypt. In particular we are looking at Egyptian geography and discovering what environmental factors encouraged the growth of a civilization in that particular place.

In 6th grade math, we have been reviewing prerequisite skills such as conversions between improper fractions to mixed numbers and reducing fractions to simplest form. Now the students will be learning to multiply and divide fractions. A difficult concept added to this new concept is the actual 'modeling' of those processes using fractions.

Mrs. Pfister is providing extra support in learning new concepts to any 6th grader who comes to her Math Lab after school on Mondays 3:15 to 4:15. If students wish to stay for help or practice, please make arrangements for their ride home. Also, let Mrs. Pfister know at the beginning of the day if you wish to stay after on Mondays.

Sixth Grade Science continues with our study of health and nutrition. Thank you for your support with sending foods to aid in investigations and labs! Students will likely be asking if they can bring in more food samples in the coming weeks. Before winter break we studied the fat content in various foods. Our next investigation focuses on sugars then on the acids in foods. It is our hope that through out this unit, students will start to make good choices with the foods they eat to keep themselves healthy.


Ski and Snowboard Club General Information

Trip Dates for 2015-16. All trips are planned for Mt. Hood Meadows on Friday evenings.

January 15, 29

February 12, 26

March 11

We are excited to offer 5th and 6th grade students with the opportunity to join the ski and snowboard club this year!

There will be a mandatory Information Meeting on Thursday January, 7 at 5:15 p.m. in the small gym at HMS/WPSIS. 5th and 6th grade students, along with their parents or guardians, must attend this Information Meeting in order to participate in the ski/snowboard trips. Topics will include: trip dates, permission forms, appropriate clothing and gear, snacks and meals, and pick-up procedures. We hope to see you at this meeting!



Lift Tickets

$20 students and parents

Rental equipment (Alpine Ski or Snowboard)

$25 (Includes helmet)


$10 / $5 Add on



Beginner Package – includes rental gear, 2 hour lesson & Buttercup, E-Z Rider lifts


Office Reminders

Winter Weather

We remind parents/guardians to please dress your children appropriately for the weather with boots, mittens, hats and scarves. We have had some very cold weather recently and the extremities of children can get cold very quickly. Thank you for your cooperation.

Visitors and Volunteers

Please remember to stop in at the WPSIS office and pick up a visitor's badge when coming in.


Regular attendance has a direct correlation to a student's success at school. See the link below for some helpful tips!

Please keep in mind, if your student must be absent, the WPSIS office will need a note within 48hrs explaining the reason for their absence.

Upcoming Dates


  • 7th: Ski Club Meeting at 5:15pm
  • 11th: Band Booster Meeting @ 6:30pm
  • 12th: K-8 PTO meeting at 6pm
  • 13th: Early Release
  • 18th: Martin Luther King Day- NO SCHOOL
  • 20th - No Early Release
  • 21st: WSVSD Board Meeting 7:00pm at WPSIS
  • 29th: Semester Break day -NO SCHOOL


  • 3rd: CLC FAMILY NIGHT - Dinner Provided
  • 8th-12: Conference Week