Exchange Poland

Jeroen Buter

About the Nederlands

In the picture below you see a typical dutch view.

The Netherlands are next to the sea so the weather isnt alway as good.

But its a very nice country with lots of water and much wind.

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About me

Hello i am Jeroen Buter.

I am 15 years old.

I am in 3 HAVO at my school Gomaruscolege.

I like to Sail and i also have sailed a national sailrace.

I am sailing with other peopel from my Scouting Group and it is lots of fun.

I have 2 little brothers called Roelof(13) Niek(11).

I am born at 10 May in the year 2000.

I am looking forward to the exchange and to meet new people.

I live in Delfzijl a place laying next to the sea .

At the picture below i am the one the back of the boat,

the one without a orange lifejacket.

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I am a scout a waterscout to be exact as you can see in the picture above here.

I am very curious if there also is a scoutinggroup there in poland.

If you want to now more about scouting just ask.

I did already go to lots of camps of scouting and it was Always fun.

I am a scout for about 9 years now.