Peek at the Week in Project Extra

Cami Webb

February 6, 2020

Take a Peek at the Week - Elementary

Well, it has been a crazy two weeks so we will just combine everything going on!!!

In Elementary we started our study on what it means to be gifted and how do we handle some of the characteristics that make gifted students unique, I had the students type their own definition for gifted. For the 3rd graders, it was very difficult because they really don't know and this is their first exposure but the 4th and 5th graders really did an amazing job reflecting and putting their thoughts to words. Our hope is that at the end of the unit we can create a definition that everyone can agree too!! Then we moved onto the characteristics of gifted. I created a checklist and students have been watching video clips of gifted students and then identifying what characteristics they think they see. This has been very eye-opening for them. Middle School is also doing this but thanks to snow days we have only accomplished the definition.

I also am using the same presentation that I am using with teachers but have modified it for students. I feel it is important that everyone is getting the same information and vocabulary so that we are all on the same page!

The Island unit was a whopper this week!! They were asked to make a moral decision and it was a difficult one. They had to analyze the reality of living with dinosaurs. What are the pros and cons, and what are the consequences of deciding to let them live freely or capturing them and living with the results of what the corporation will do with them. They used a variety of video clips and then worked as a team to create a pro/con chart. I also reminded them that they signed a contract and they would need to consider the impact of breaking that contract. Then they privately made a choice as to which group they would support in their journal which will be revealed at the end of the unit.

They also had to plot their route and how they would get to the island, plane, boat, etc... They had to consider government types when flying into certain countries, research things that could make the trip shorter or more difficult ( Panama Canal, Bermuda Triangle, geography, etc..) Finally, they had to roll the dice to see the fate of their travel!

Students also started building milk carton robots using our microbits!! It is a difficult task but they are going to be so cool when they are finished!!! Not to mention it was a huge lesson in following directions!

Finally, we have started organizing our Passion Projects. Students are allowed to pick a topic that they are passionate about and do something with it. It could be researching career opportunities that are related to a passion or organizing a club or group to complete a task like pollution clean up or starting a gaming club. It could also just be an awareness presentation where they are teaching others about a subject that they are passionate about. We will share these at the Spring Open House, date to come.

February 6, 2020

Peek at the Week - Middle School

Middle Schoolers have also started Passion Projects and the Exquisite Minds project ( what is gifted)

6th graders have begun a unit on the Smoke and Mirrors of Media Literacy and wow what a time to do this!! 7th and 8th grade are adding on to what we learned last year. I so wish that we had class this week to analyze all of the media hoopla after Iowa and State of the Union!! But I will have a treasure trove for next week!! We have also been tackling misinformation about the coronavirus and being aware of sending misinformation by forwarding things that you have not authenticated.

7th and 8th-grade dove into our Stock Market Game!! We just decided that figuring it out along the way will be best. We will do lessons each week but the kids will need to monitor on their own how their stocks are doing and if they need to trade or invest. Several of them downloaded the app on their phone so they can watch. I also told them to watch to be aware of how current events impact their stocks Would love to know how all of the news this week impacted it!! They have $100,000 to play with so this should be fun!!!!

February 6, 2020

Gifted Opportunities

I added the College for Kids link because some of you said you couldn't find on the smore below! Let me know if I can help anyone that is interested.