Standard 12 AH Project


First Abolitionist Societies

Benjamin Rush had a dream one time that he needed to free his slaves. He wanted to write a new constitution to free the slaves.

Benjamin Franklin served as the president for the Pennsylvania Society to free slaves. He wanted slaves to be treated equally.

William Lloyd Garrison wrote a paper called the liberator to free slaves.He saw slavery end before he died.

Frederick Douglass escaped slavery and started attending abolitionists meetings. He also helped out with the paper called the liberator.

Sojourner Truth joined a abolitionist group. She would go around speaking to large crowds about freeing slavery.

Angelina and Sarah Grimke stood in front of the legislature and protested for black rights. They done a public speaking tour about the matter.

Henry David Thoreau wrote several things about the blacks needing rights.

Charles Sumner was a strong anti-slavery leader. He tried to change the integrated schools so the blacks and whites could get along.