Wednesday Well Wishes

Remote Counseling-week 5

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Intentional Joy

While uncontrollable circumstances might cause sadness in us or our children, there are ways that we can be intentional about working through the sadness. We cannot "happy up" our children or anyone who is experiencing sadness. But, if we validate their feelings with options for expressing the sadness, they can then utilize the body and mind's natural mechanisms to take the next steps. It is the body's "intent" to help us feel joy through dopamine, oxygen, etc. Practice this using the "I Calm" section. It is also good practice to know the signs and symptoms of depression when monitoring our child's sadness.

Connect with Mrs. Krug

Need more help? We can connect by email or conference by phone at (832) 780-9054. My office hours for this next week are:

Thursday April 23: 2:00-4:00

Friday April 24: 10:00-11:00

Monday April 27: 12:00-1:00

Tuesday April 28: 9:00-10:00

(or email me to schedule another time)

"I Can Calm"

When you feel sad, you might wonder if what you are feeling is normal or how long you will feel the sadness. It's important to express sadness in ways such as talking it out, crying, writing it down, and actively calming or grounding. Belly breathing can help with any big feelings of sadness. Here's some more practice:

Parent Tip of the Week: Self-Care

We can only care for our children if we are also taking care of ourselves. Click on the links below for a special message and for reminders to forgive yourself, be kind to yourself, and practice your own self-care. You are doing a great job!