by James Irwin

Today we are going to Russia. I will be writing about 3 main things landmarks, history and major nature disasters in Russia.


There are many landmarks in Russia but one of the most famous landmarks is fortress called Kremlin is in Moscow. Also there is a landmark in Saint Petersburg there is a palace named after Saint Petersburg and the palace was built in 1754 and finish in 1762.

Major nature disasters

Do you know about nature disasters? Well if you don’t, I am going to write about what they are. They are thing that we don’t know when they’re going to hit but we don’t make it and they are like floods, earthquake, volcanic eruption and tornado so if you’re going to Russia go on a good week. On 27-may-1995 there was an earthquake killing 1,989 people also on 17-jun-1993 was a flood killing 125, but the most resent is 6-aug-2001 was a flood at Lena River.


Did you know? That Russia brock into 17 country and is still the biggest country. Now I will be talking about the history. In Russia the tsar (the leader) named Nicholas the 2nd did not do well at helping Russian people. Also, did you know that in Russia there was a revolution in 1917?