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Special Broadcast Announcement - Bonnie Hall, Principal

New Catechist Certification Process Details Released (Save this info!)

"My Catholic Faith Delivered" begins July 1st (Online)

Alas, I have the details from a webinar I attended today! Here are the details from my notes in order to enlighten you. (If you'd like a copy of the powerpoint presentation, I'd be glad to share that with you. Simply ask.)

  • Growing in our faith is extremely important. In order to guide our students in religious formation, it's essential we are knowledgable in our Catholic Faith. It is hoped this journey helps in your spiritual reflection and development as a Catholic School Teacher.
  • Because of the size of our Archdiocese and area that it covers, the decision to provide much of content online was made.
  • If you currently a certified catechist (receiving $500 on your 2016/17 contract), you will begin the new program at LEVEL III plus a retreat. Level III teachers effective 7/1 include Sarah, Chris Z., Becca, Jessie, Juliet, Valerie, Marijean, Debbie, Sharon, Marie, and me.
  • Level III's 45 sessions will cost $150 total. I'm told you may request that St. Ann be billed rather than have to pay and be reimbursed. It's 45 sessions...but you have three years to complete the 45 sessions before you once again "renew."
  • The required retreat may be facilitated by principals, or speakers principals select. An outline/agenda/tool kit will be provided to principals who wish to host a retreat.
  • The catechist certification is now being reset 7/1. Level III means you need to complete 45 sessions within 3 years...and then you reset again and renew.
  • VERY Important! If you wish to continue to receive the $500 stipend next year, you must complete 15 sessions (a session is about an hour) by 4/1/17. Likewise, in Level III then you must do another 15 sessions to continue the stipend for the next year, etc. Summertime would be an excellent time to begin (or complete) all of this professional growth. It's done online. If you manage to complete your 45 sessions in one year, you'll secure your 3-$500 stipends for your next three contracts, not $1500 in one year. The maximum stipend is always $500.
  • Besides content online, principals will be required to offer elective courses. The content online will give you options to select based on your personal interest/need.
  • In addition, "electives" will be considered Parish mission events, other events hosted locally. Example: when St. Ann's hosts a mission, I would enter that as an elective in the system. We'd sign up and attend, and receive session credits. The events must first be approved by the Office of Catechesis.
  • Principals will be able to log in into the system to monitor teachers' progress and enter elective courses for teachers (in their building and outside their building) to sign up for.
  • Coursework begins July 1st. Go to www.formedcatholiconline.com. I am required and will remember to register you on June 1st so you may begin.
  • I encourage you to begin July 1st. Please contact me with any further questions. My personal goal is to complete 15 sessions this summer.
  • FYI: The Ministry/Leadership Conference will take place on 2/18/2017 (formerly a 2 day event in October in Rosemont). Sessions there will count toward Level III formation.

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