Tiber River

Andrew Mihm Hour 8


The Tiber River is located in Italy, rising in the Apennine Mountains in Emilia-Romagna, and flows through Umbria and Lazio, where it is joined by the Aniene River.


The Tiber River varies between 7-20 feet in depth and is about 250 miles long.
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Physical Characteristics

The Iber River also is home too many animals such as, Cichlidae, Bagridae, and clariidae. The Tiber River is a freshwater river that connects with the Aniene River and then dumps into the Ocean. The Tiber River has a Mediterranean climate which makes it dry and hot during the summer, and cold and wet during the winter.
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Human Characteristics

Human Made Features- One significant feature is Tiber Island.

Language- Latin

Religion- Roman Catholic

Political System- Democratic Republic

Economic Activities- Some people make money by helping out on cruise ships that tour Rome, but other people that live on the River in the Appenine Mountains have to trade goods to earn money.

Population Distribution- The population distribution along the Tiber Tiver is going to be more dense in bigger cities such as Rome, compared to how many people are along it in the Appenine Mountains.

Natural Resources

The Tiber River contains a great natural resource for the people that live in and around it... WATER!!! This fresh water is needed to grow crops, for people to drink, and for animals to drink. Also, the land around the Tiber River is very mountainous and makes it hard to grow crops, so then people have to trade other goods to get crops they need.
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The connection between the human and physical geography is the river produces freshwater, sea access, and good land. The Tiber River has affected the people who live around it by providing freshwater and food. One major city that is located near the river is Rome.
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