Planning a Party Project

By: Josh Ballard

Pizza Palace vs Burger Bonanza

Pizza Palace is the better place to get food for the party if there is over 55 students coming to the party because the cost of Pizza Palace is cheaper than Burger Bonanza if is over 55 students coming to the 7th grade party.

Point of intersection of Pizza Palace and Burger Bonanza

1. Subtract 10 from both sides

2. Subtract 61.25 from both sides

3. Divide by .75

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Work for Burger Bonanza and Pizza Palace

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Proposal Plan Burger Bonanza vs Pizza Palace

Mrs.Barker should get Pizza Palace if there is more than 55 students attending the party because the cost for Pizza Palace is cheaper than Burger Bonanza if there are more than 55 students attending the party. If there is less than 55 students than Mrs.Barker should choose Burger Bonanza.

Critical Thinking for Grab some grub

1. I got my equations by figuring out the rate of change which is the money per person then I found the y intercept which was the setup or catering fee.

2. Yes there will be a point where both companies will cost the same amount of money because the point of intersection is where the companies cost the same amount which is for 55 students attending both companies will cost 570 dollars and I got this by subtracting 10 from both sides which got me .75. Then I subtracted 61.25 from both sides which I got 41.25. Finally I divided 41.25 by .75 which got me 55. Then I used the equation to find the total cost which both companies lined up perfectly.

3.You can;t have a 7th grade blowout for both companies because with Burger Bonanza you can have only have 98 students with no money but with Pizza Palace you can have 101 students with 4.25 dollars left. You can have a fraction or decimal of people because you can't have half a person.

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Point of intersection of Jumpin Jacks vs Hoppin around

1. I used the equation

2. When I filled in 4 I figured out that it was the same cost and knew it was the point of intersection.

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Work for Bouncin Around and Jumpin Jacks

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Proposal plan Hoppin Around vs Jumpin Jacks

Mrs. Barker should choose Jumpin Jacks if you have the bounce house for over 4 hours because the price of Jumpin Jacks is cheaper than Hoppin Around after 4 hours but if it is less than 4 hours than Mrs.Barker should choose Hoppin Around.

Critical Thinking for Bounce House

1. I created my equations by finding my slope which is the cost per hour then I had to find the y intercept which was the installment and removal fee.

2. They will because the companies point of intersection is 4 which means for 4 hours for both companies it will cost 300 dollars.

3. You can't have a blowout with both because one will be ten hours total and the other is 12 hours and twenty minutes and you can have a fraction or decimal because time can be anything like 1 2/3 minutes.