Atherwood All*Star Newsletter

December 2012

Letter from PTA President-Lisa Hemenway

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Atherwood Spirit Wear

If you missed it the first time around, you will have another opportunity to purchase Atherwood Spirit Wear from January 14th to February 15th. Orders can be placed online at Atherwood's website, If you have any questions about Spirit Wear, please contact

PTA Reflections Contest

We had a total of 25 entries from Atherwood students! Our winners for the Atherwood Reflections Contest were 1st grader Morgan Arrasmith for ___________and 2nd grader Kaelyn McCamy for ___________. These students will go on to ___________. Way to go girls!

Principal's Message

December 2012/ January 2013

Happy holidays to all of our Atherwood families:

As 2012 comes to conclusion and 2013 begins, you will be witnessing our students and staff working very hard during the second trimester. It is that time of the year with the holidays behind us to make that push towards the spring state testing and the district assessments students will be administered.

With that in mind it is imperative that children arrive to school on time and ready to learn each day. As you have noticed the requirements California expects of our students is very high. Students are asked to master concepts with greater complexity and understanding than students from prior generations. The only way students are going to succeed is with teachers and parents working together to make sure our children are working up to their potential.

Here are a few reminders when working on homework with your child:

v Have a routine in place regarding when and where in the house homework will be done.

v Make sure the environment is free of distractions such as the television, phone and people talking.

v Be sure that your student has all the materials needed to complete an assignment or project. Pencils, paper, eraser, glue, scissors etc should be easily accessible so students can get right to work and not spend time looking for materials.

v Please check your child’s work about a third to halfway through each assignment. That way if they are making mistakes you will be able to catch it sooner than if they had done the entire page incorrectly.

v Lastly, make sure you as the parent value and put an importance on the work your student brings home. Children live up to the expectations we set. Make sure we are setting our sights very high when it comes to the quality of work and effort we expect from our children.

We are always looking for parents who are willing to support our PTA. The PTA is strictly a volunteer organization and will only be as successful as the people who are willing to give of their time to assist our school. By assisting the school we are making the educational experience that much more enjoyable for our children. If you have any suggestions, would like to become more involved with PTA or would just like to donate 30 minutes of your time to an event do not hesitate to contact the school. Atherwood students need you!!

Lastly, before school and at dismissal time, please be courteous and follow the appropriate safety measures when driving in our school’s parking lot or around the surrounding neighborhoods. The entire Atherwood community appreciates your efforts in keeping our students safe.

Thank you for your continued support of Atherwood Elementary School. If you ever have any questions please feel free to contact the school.

Sean D. Platt

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Make sure that as you do all that Holiday shopping that you show your receipts at Guest Services so that Atherwood can earn points! The schools with the most points will receive a check back from the SVTC. If you have any questions or would like more information about this program please contact Megan Long at _________