Dress Code

Talia Sepulveda

3 dress codes that I respect and follow

Three of the dress codes that I follow and respect are such: Garments like spandex are only to be worn with another layer of clothing, which meets the dress code. Another rule that I follow is the display of cleavage is unacceptable/low cut shirts are not allowed. Also another is any clothing, jewelry or accessories with decorations, patches, lettering, advertisements, etc., that may be considered obscene or offensive are not to be worn to school; includes anything that may be used a weapons, accessories having drug, sexual emblems, tobacco or alcohol references or designs. I do not believe any of these dress codes should be changed. I think that these dress codes were made because that is not something that I would let my child leave the house wearing so principals probably got upset about children wearing such items and that is what i believe happened.

3 dress codes I do not follow or respect

The three rules I do not follow are: Ripped pants are considered are inappropriate. If it isn't showing your private spots you should be able to wear it. Crop tops, tube tops, halters and spaghetti straps are unacceptable. I understand that skin should not be showing but shoulders showing shouldn't be a big deal. Shoulders aren't anything that should be unacceptable. Shirts must touch the waist of pants/shirts at all times when in movement, when arms are extended or raised, and when in seated positions, etc. I do understand that stomach shouldn't be showing but if you're raising your arms up or stretching it shouldn't be a big deal if your stomach shows.

3 dress codes I think should be enforced that aren't.

No short shorts. I do not believe it is fair that some girls can wear short shorts and get away with it and others get in trouble for wearing shorts. I believe that their should be equal rules that some girls shouldn't get away with something other girls can't. No super short dresses. I believe that it isn't fair that some girls can wear dresses barely covering their butts and if another girl wears a dress that is barely shorter than their knees they get in trouble. I think that the super long chain rules should be enforced as well because someone can injure someone with the chains.