Billy Bishop, another Canadian Hero

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William Avery Bishop was born in Owen Sound Ontario on February 8 1894, he was only 20 years old when the deadly war broke out. when the war erupted bishop joined the Royal Flying Corps(RFC). since Canada was part of the Great Britain the young country entered the great war. bishop left for England on June 9, 1915. he was also part of the famous Canadian battle at Vimy Ridge.
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early life of World War One

Unlike his other friends and company he had many struggles. he failed to land an aircraft properly and was also shot down. he also was caught cheating on his fail exam. after all disastrous events in his life he was ordered to return to flight school. lucky a new commander of the squadron 60 Alan Scott allowed Billy a return. Billy was under very under fired of his past mistakes, he flew his plane into the German front line and earned his first victory. sadly his engine also failed and he landed into no man's land but he safely returned to the Triple Entente trenches. with the boost of confident received by his commander bishop shoot down 25 planes in 12 days and received the Distinguished Service Order.

Later life in World War One

After receiving the Distinguished Service Order reward. billy flew behind the German trenches and single-handed took many German planes in the aerodrome. many planes in aerodrome started there engine as they show bishop but couldn't take him down as shown in the video. for this accomplishment he earned himself the Victoria Cross award, which made him the ninth Canadian to win the award.


Billy Bishop won many awards for his prestigious work, effect, and accomplishment in the great war. billy bishop was won many awards such as the Victoria Cross, Distinguished Service Order, Distinguished Flying Cross.the Victoria Cross award is a very precious honor because it is the highest military award a person can get in the British monarch. he also has an airport named after him in Toronto.

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the video above talks about Billy Bishop's award ad recognition. it also shows a visual chip of billy bishop destroying German planes to earn the Victoria Cross award.
"Better to die voluntarily crashing than to have the enemy send you down in flames." Billy Bishop