Google Cloud Computing presented by ESD 113 ETSC

Once just a way to find information on the Internet, Google now represents a rapidly-growing collection of valuable tools and resources that can enhance any classroom.

Google Drive; Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Gmail, Apps & Search!

The Power of Google Drive, Gmail and Search

Session ID: 46378 Date and Time: July 25 ● 9a – 3p
Location: ESD 113 Instructor: Debbie Hale, Jeri Plews
Course Fee: $65 ● 5 clock hours

It’s a Recipe for Success: Google Docs

Docs is a suite of well blended, free, and Web-based word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, form, and data storage service offered by Google. Learn to effectively use these services 'in the cloud.'

Don’t Worry Be ‘Appy
Chrome is Google’s web browser which is now an option on all district devices. Come learn the Chrome browser advantages and hidden features, including how to download apps that can be stored in the browser. Apps range from timers to flashcard generators to note taking to collaboration tools. App up your classroom for 2013-14!

Google Forms for Checking for Understanding, Collecting Information, and Generally Making Your Life Easier
Learn how to easily create forms for online checks for understanding, assignments, and quizzes as well as collect information from students (e.g. book numbers, etc.)

A Hot Date with Google Calendar
Learn how to integrate Google calendar into both your professional and personal lives. Participants will learn how to make new calendars for different classes, share calendars and set permissions, color code, and set up recurring and one-time events.

Rev Up Your Google Search Engine!

Google Search fits right into the Common Core State writing standards. Learn how to explain Google search to your students or teachers, including how Search works, advanced search, searching like you think, and more.

Learn to Use Your Google Chromebook!

Getting To Know Your Google Chromebook

Session ID: 46408 Date and Time: July 16 ● 9a – 12p
Location: ESD 113 Instructor: Debbie Hale, Amber Richards
Course Fee: $50 ● 3 clock hours

Learn to get around in your Chromebook. Sharing of educational uses of the Google ChromeBook in the classroom. Showcase of the Google Tools and functions that support both administration and teachers in their roles.


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