Get to Know Project

By Austin Sanford 5th Period

St. Augustine grass Genus and species- Stenotaphrum secundatum

Genus and species- Stenotaphrum iecundatum

The reason i chose the St. Augustine grass was because my neighbors have it. St. Augustine grass spreads if you don't spray something to keep it from spreading. I was trying to show in the picture their grass spreading on to out grass. I learned that St. Augustine is one of the only grasses that will spread into other peoples yard. its a wild neighbor because its wildly spreading to our property.

Oak Tree

Genus and Species- Quercus lithocarpus

I chose the Oak Tree because, it was in my friends front yard and we climbed on it when we were younger. I chose the oak tree because, it can live for a long time and its my favorite type of tree. I was trying to show the tree with all its long branches. i learned that the tree does very well in hot summer temperatures. The reason i think this is a wild neighbor is because oak trees can grow anywhere.

Red Leaf Maple

Genus and Species- Acer pseudoplatanus

I went out to my front yard to take these pictures. I chose the Red Leaf Maple because, the leaves turn bright red in the fall but are green in the spring. I was trying to show the color of the leaves because, they are green right now but it gets its name from when the leaves a red. I learned that the Red Leaf Maple is a medium sized tree that gets its name from the color of its leaves in the fall. The Red Leaf Maple is a wild neighbor because it changes colors in the fall and you see them everywhere.

Duck Egg

Genus and Species- Anas platyrhynchos

I found the duck egg in my front yard laying in the bushes. I chose the duck egg because i have never seen a duck egg in my front yard before. Im trying to show what a duck egg actually looks like. I learned that ducks are laying their eggs right now because its breeding season. This is a wild neighbor because, ducks are all around Coppell laying eggs and walking around.


Genus and Species- Anas platyrhynchos

I was just walking home one day and saw some ducks and thought it would be cool to take a picture of them. I chose these ducks because i just showed a ducks egg so, i wanted y'all to know where the egg came from. I was trying to show what comes out of the egg. I learned that ducks can't smell so that if you touch their egg they will still come back for it. Its a wild neighbor because it walks and flys around the world trying to survive.

Pink Petunias

Genus and Species- Petunia grandiflor

I font this flower in my font yard after i planted it. I chose the flower because i planted it and i liked the way i looked. I was trying to show the beauty of this little flower. I learned that petunias need lots of sun and water to survive and look good. They are a wild neighbor because they are help for putting oxygen back into the air, also they live outside.

Toothache Tree

Genus and Species- Zanthoxylum clava-herculis

I was walking my dog in my neighborhood and saw this interesting looking tree and got a picture of it. The tree looked very different from the other trees and i liked it. I am hopefully showing everybody a tree that they haven't seen before cause iv'e never seen one like that. I learned that the spikes are to protect the tree from beavers and other things that could chop it down. Its a wild neighbor because it has adapted from a regular tree to a tree with spikes to protect itself.