Schakolad Chocolate Factory

Valentines day is coming

Valentine's Day event

Dear Schakolad employees,as you may know valentines day is coming up. We want valentine related chocolates that catch the eye of our customers.Such as chocolate hearts, flowers, bears, etc. We are open to new ideas that will help our products stand out against our competitors.

Our events also get really packed and crazy sometimes so we have to find ways to makes more space for everybody. In our valentines event we make lots of chocolate hearts because that is one thing most of our customers get. We also make valentines baskets like theirs chocolate hearts and chocolates flowers.

Most of our valentines chocolates catch a lot of customers eyes. We also can customize the chocolate and we can make cool stuff with all kinds of different chocolates.

Another event we do is a holiday event. Because holidays for us are so busy we do events to try it have fun. In holiday event we make many different shape and design. Like we make Christmas trees, Hanukkah candles, present boxes, etc and their all made of chocolate.


Holidays at Schokalod are very busy. Their are lots of different deals on our chocolate which makes us very busy. Holidays are important for us. Please come to work when you are scheduled to work and on time! Especially on holidays. You have to be on ur A-game please no messing around. Stay focused!!!!!! So on holidays we ask the employees to be nice to all the customers and to stay calm about how busy it is.

During holiday seasons we always make extra because it's so packed that our chocolate run out really quick , but when we make our chocolate we make sure we don't make to many or else those would all go to waste.

For the holidays, we make tons of chocolate because lots of customers say that our chocolate make some really good holiday gifts. When customers say our chocolate make then pefect holiday gift, that makes us proud because we put all of our hard work and time to make them. We love to tell our customers that all of our chocolate is make with love they all laugh and say it sure is cause it's the best one around.

Employees spotlight

We want our employees to have the best we can give them. We treat all of them fairly. When employees do the right thing, we give them awards like raises, free chocolate, etc. our employees are very respectful to our customers so we always reward them with all their hard work in the kitchen making chocolates, dipping chocolate, helping customers, etc.

When a customer comes in and we see that our employees show them respect and try to give them the best that always makes us proud so we make sure to reward them. Our employees are so helpful they try to give you the best service.

Our employees deserve the best spotlight from us, so we always try to show them that we are very thankful for them and we always try to keep our employees happy and proud of all the work they do.

When a customer tell us that the employees are really nice we always try to reward them. We need our employees because with out them our business world not be as good as it is right now.