Let's Celebrate Learning!

Quarter 1

Our Classroom Promise!

At the beginning of the school year, we discussed why we come to Decorah school (to learn) and how do we do that. Everyday we strive to live out our classroom promise, supporting, encouraging and reminding each other of it. We start every day reviewing it. Check out the video of our classroom promise.

Let's Set Goals!

Kindergarteners are learning how to set goals to focus their learning. We have set 4 reading goals and 3 math goals for right now. As we get achieve our goals as a class we will celebrate and then set new goals. All of our goals are helping us to be the best learners we can be and to be ready for first grade! As a parent, you can help your child practice these goals at home. Don't worry we are working on so much more than just what you see on our goals. (Other goals include: knowing letter sounds, writing our first name starting with an uppercase letters and the rest lowercase, knowing our numbers to 20, representing a number to 10 in multiple ways.)

Quarter 1 Assembly: Celebrating Being Ready to Learn

On Friday, November 6th, we celebrated all of the ways we showed we are ready to learn at Decorah. Congratulations to Ava and Aaden for being recognized in our classroom as 2 students who consistently demonstrated "Being Ready to Learn!"

Photos of 1st quarter learning and fun