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December 2020 - Cultivating a CREEK Community of Excellence!

Our mission is to prepare our students to succeed in a global society through a quality education.

First Semester

We are closing in on the end of 1st semester. We have learned a great deal, enjoyed one another remotely and moved forward with many of our school activities in new ways. We couldn't have made it this far without your support and commitment to the success of your children and our school community. I am grateful for you, our students, our teachers and staff and our extended school community. Without our combined efforts to communicate and collaborate for the success of our students, we could not be where we are at this moment in the school year.

Thank you for your kindness, your patience and your resilience as we all engaged in new and different ways. We are still adjusting and preparing for new changes on the horizon. Recently, our CMS Board of Education voted to postpone the return to face to face instruction until January 19. We will continue with face to face testing next week, but our students on rotation A B, and C will not begin their face to face/remote rotations until that time. We will continue to communicate about how we will safely re-enter our classrooms second semester as we continue to engage in high levels of learning.

I hope that you and your families have a wonderful winter break, and that you continue to stay safe and healthy. Please continue to engage in the 3 W's as you also engage in the 3 R's: rest, relax and release. Take care.

Every day of your life is a special occasion. ~Thomas Monson

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Athletics Update

The CMS Board of Education voted Tuesday night on a few items that impact athletics in CMS.

  1. As was the case in first semester, the CMS 2.0 GPA eligibility requirement has been suspended for 2020-21 second semester eligibility determination.
  2. High school students have the option to take in-person end-of-semester exams December 15th – 21st or may delay taking their exams into second semester. Students who delay taking their exams will receive an incomplete mark in the classes.

As a reminder, the NCHSAA minimum load academic requirement must be met in second semester for a student-athlete to meet second semester eligibility requirements. (Pass 3 of 4 in a 4 X 4 class schedule or pass 6 of 8 in an A/B - hybrid class schedule.)

Impact of an INCOMPLETE Mark on Athletic Eligibility Determination (Relative only to incomplete marks resulting from delaying an exam.)

Impact is relative to the status of all classes taken by the student in first semester.

Examples below – student enrolled in a full class load:

  1. Student has passed two 4 X 4 classes, failed a third 4 X 4 class, and has an incomplete in a fourth 4 X 4 class. This student remains eligible with the incomplete until the grade in that fourth class is determined. Pass the fourth class=eligible because met the 3 of 4; fail the fourth class = ineligible because only passed 2 of 4.
  2. Student has passed one 4 X 4 class, failed two 4 X 4 classes, and has an incomplete in a fourth 4 X 4 class. This student is immediately ineligible because even if they pass the fourth class they cannot reach the minimum load requirement of passing 3 of 4.
  3. Student passed one 4 X 4 class, failed one 4 X 4 class, and has incompletes in remaining A/B classes. This student remains eligible with the incompletes until the grades in A/B classes are determined. If meets 6 of 8 = eligible. If do not meet 6 of 8 = immediately ineligible.
  4. Student failed two 4 X 4 classes and has incompletes in remaining A/B classes. This student is immediately ineligible because even if they pass the remaining A/B classes they will not reach the minimum load requirement.

Again, a student must pass 3 of 4 classes in a 4 X 4 class schedule or 6 of 8 in an A/B – 4 X 4 hybrid schedule.

Please contact Coach Speight if you have questions or concerns regarding eligibility.

Let’s GO MAV’S #CreekLife #BeDistinguished

Quante’ Speight, Athletic Director

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Athletics Website:

Screener Location

Students will need to complete the screener whenever entering the building for face to face testing, face to face instruction and other activities. The screener is located at the top of our Webpage. The screener will also be available through QR codes at school if students have a QR reader on their phones. Students who cannot access either will be asked screener questions by staff.

Students will need to complete the screener each day that they are at school.

Final Testing Schedule - Update

The end of the semester is quickly occurring! There have been some updates for our 1st semester schedule of exams. Please see the current schedule below. Please make every effort to ensure that your scholar is able to complete their designated final exams. Families now have the option to take their exams next week or to defer to take the exams during a make up period during second quarter. Below is also a video that gives a visual of our testing program that we will implement next week.

CTE & EOC & Work Keys for qualifying mid-year graduates Finals

(English II, Biology, Math I, Math III & CTE Courses) - FACE TO FACE @MCHS

Week of December 14 - 7:15 am - 11:30 am

Full remote or face to face students who are currently enrolled in one of the EOC or CTE courses or qualifying mid-year graduates who must take the Work Keys assessment must return for face to face final exams the week of December 14 based on state regulations. (All students in rotation A, B, C, D (full remote academy) who take any of these courses) The exams will begin December 15 and will follow the schedule below. Safety precautions are in place for the face to face exams to ensure the safety of our students, staff and families. A video depicting our testing environment is posted below as an additional support for ensuring a smooth and successful testing session.

Due to bus transportation being provided, the exams will be administered on our regular school exam schedule, which has a school start time of 7:15 and an end time around 12:00. Students will be dismissed when the testing session has been completed. Students will enter the building, remain in one class of 12 students or less and be dismissed in waves. All safety procedures, including strictly following the 3 W's and safety screening procedures, will be enforced. Students should attend on their designated testing day, but if they miss their scheduled testing date, they can come on any subsequent day for make-up testing.

The final exam for these classes count 20% of your child's final grade in their course. Students who do not take the exam will receive an incomplete in the class and will be scheduled to take the make-up exam before June 1, 2021. We are not aware at this time when the make-up will be given, but it will be given during second semester.

Transportation stickers were mailed home on Monday if students requested bus transportation for testing. Students who did not request bus transportation should make arrangement to arrive to school by 7:15 and be picked up by 12:30 on their designated test day. Students also received emails that list their testing dates and locations. Many staff members will be available to greet students to help them locate their testing locations.

Please see the finals schedule below:

Monday, December 14 - Work Keys Exam (Qualifying Mid-Year Graduates Only)

Tuesday, December 15 - 1st Block Finals (face to face finals for CTE & EOC courses) & Work Keys make-ups

Wednesday, December 16 - 2nd Block Finals (face to face finals for CTE & EOC courses) & Make-Ups

Thursday, December 17 - 3rd Block Finals (face to face finals for CTE & EOC courses) & Make-Ups

Friday, December 18 - 4th Block Finals (face to face finals for CTE & EOC courses ) & Make-Ups

Monday, December 21st - Make-Ups

All other courses - NO FINAL EXAM

All other courses including other Arts, Health/P/E, Social Studies, Math, Science, World Language and English courses will not have final exams. The final grade of the semester will be calculated using the average of the Q1 + Q2 final grade.

If you have any questions about the exam schedule, please reach out to your child's teacher, counselor or administrator.

PSAT - Juniors Only

Dear parent/guardian,

CMS will provide the opportunity for all students in grade 11 to participate in the Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (PSAT/NMSQT) exam on January 26, 2021.

Participation in this assessment provides an opportunity for students to qualify for scholarship money and gain valuable experience in preparation for the SAT or ACT exams. Preparation for PSAT/NMSQT In preparation for test day, the district has created a “Student Intent to Take PSAT Survey” for all grade 11 students, in order to identify those who intend to come into the school building to participate in the PSAT/NMSQT exam. The survey will also allow them to identify if they are in need of transportation.

All grade 11 students are required to complete the intent survey by December 14, 2020. The intent survey was emailed to all juniors on Monday, December 7. The “Student Intent to Take PSAT Survey” can also be found here:

Next Semester's Schedule

Student schedules for next semester are available to review in PowerSchool. We are making minor adjustments to schedules as we close out second semester. Schedules will be finalized by the start of second semester.

Panorama Survey Results

Panorama is a social-emotional screener administered to gather student self-reflection data on social-emotional learning skills and perceptions to gain a deeper understanding of each student’s needs.

Mallard Creek High School's students participated in the survey in September/October and had a response rate of 58% on SEL Skills & Competency & Well Being and 54% on SEL Supports & Environment (Equity). Please see the attached document below that includes our results of the survey.

Our social and emotional learning (SEL) committee and our Student Support Services Team have used the results to plan programming for our Advisory block and other interventions for our students.

Parking Passes - Update

Updated Parking Pass Sales information

As a result of the face to face instruction schedule for high schools, JROTC will be selling parking permits January 14 and 15th and on January 19. Also they will sell them every Wednesday after January 19th during the school day in B104. Please do not come into the building prior to January 19 to pick up parking passes . JROTC instructors will be in the student lot during the designated times below.

Sale dates may change based on possible district school changes.

January 14 - Seniors Only 12:30-3:00pm - Student Lot

January 15 - Juniors Only 12:30-3:00pm - Student lot

Jan 19 (if we return to in person learning) - Seniors/Juniors 7:30am - 3:00pm - Rm B104

School Groups - Communication Contacts

We have a wealth of school organizations, clubs and groups, and it can sometimes be daunting trying to find the contact information in a central location. Our Website is our school hub for communications, and we send information out through other means. Each of our groups and organizations have their own contact information as well. Below is a link to list of contact information for our various organizations, groups and clubs. The list will continue to be updated. Thank you to our Executive Class Council (ECC )for creating this list for our school community to use:

Second Semester Start

All students who are currently engaged in remote learning will continue to engage in remote learning beginning Tuesday, January 5. Students will remain on the remote school schedule that students have followed during 1st semester. Classes will begin at 8:00 am and will end by 2:45 pm.

Please celebrate successes with your child from first semester and set goals to build upon them for second semester. Some goals may include improving attendance, turn in more assignments on time and to actively engage in class daily. These are just some examples. Please feel free to set goals with your child that reflect their next steps as they continue to extend their success.

Below is a link to the most recent CMS calendar that includes our rotations.

Winter Break

We will all observe Winter Break from Tuesday, December 22 - Monday, January 4. There will not be classes on any of those dates.
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Mid-Year Graduation

Please note, our mid-year graduation ceremony will be on Wednesday, January 13th at 7:30 PM. The ceremony will be virtual. To participate:

a) Turn to Spectrum Channel 3.

b) Turn to Google Fiber TV Channel 142.

c) If you do not have Spectrum or Google fiber, go to and open YouTube.

d) We will also receive access to the link for the ceremony and share it on social media and in canvas.

Back by popular demand (🙂) We will host our diploma pick up on Thursday, January 14th from 3:00-4:45pm. We will have a similar process to what we experienced in June. Details will be shared with mid-year graduates and their families closer to our graduation date.

We are extremely proud of the Class of 2021 as we have upwards 80 students that will participate in our mid-year ceremony.


There is a group of students in each grade level who still needs to complete immunization or NC physical requirements in order to be compliant with NC immunization requirements. If you have received a call or a letter regarding your child's immunization needs, please complete those action items for compliance as soon as possible. The deadline for meeting the immunication requirements have been extended through the end of December.

There are special opportunities to receive health assessments and immunizations if your child or children are still in need of either. The fliers for upcoming opportunities are attached in English and Spanish below. Please contact your childs physician, the health department or other health care providers to schedule your childs missing immunizations or health assessment as soon as possible. If you have questions or needs about completing those requirements, please call our school at 980-343-1341 to speak with Nurse Anderson.

2020 - 2021 Yearbook Purchases - On Sale Now!

Yearbooks for the 2020-2021 school year are on sale now. The yearbook will be a cherished memento and a historical reflection of the unique year that 2020-2021 is shaping up to be.

  • Your 2021 Yearbook is now on sale!

  • Parents, Senior dedications are now on sale and space is limited. It's time to celebrate the class of 2021!!

For more information including ordering dedications & yearbooks, submitting senior quotes, participating in weekly yearbook stories, and more, please visit our new Yearbook & School Photos website here:

Families can use this link to order their yearbook today:

The custom QR code below will also take you to the ordering site for the yearbook. Please use either route to order your yearbook today!
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Upcoming Dates - December

  • December - 14 - 21 - WorkKeys for mid-year grads & finals (see article in newsletter)

  • December - 16 - Last day for students to turn in missing or late assignments.

  • December - 18 - Home Volleyball Game vs Lake Norman JV 4/ Varsity 5:30

  • December - 19 - Home Volleyball Game vs West Charlotte JV 11/ Varsity 12:30

  • December 21 - Last Day of 2nd Quarter and 1st Semester

  • December - 22-January 4 - Winter Break

  • December - 22 - Home Volleyball Game vs N Meck JV 4/ Varsity 5:30

  • December - 28 - Home Cross Country Meet 3:00 ( Hopewell, WC, Hickory Ridge)

  • January - 5 - Home Volleyball game vs Hough JV 4/ Varsity 5:30

  • January - 5 - 1st day of second semester - all students who have been remote will continue to engage in remote learning on our remote learning schedule, which begins at 8:00 am

  • January - 13 - Mid-Year Graduation 7:30 pm

  • January - 14 - Diploma pick-up for mid-year graduates 3:00 - 4:45

  • January - 18 - Martin Luther King, Jr. Day - NO SCHOOL

  • January - 19 - Return to face-to-face instruction (rotation: A) - move to regular high school schedule - class begins at 7:15 am

PTSA - Harris Teeter's Together in Education Program - Link your Card Today!

Dear Maverick Family,

We need your help. Every year beginning August 1st, the Mallard Creek High School PTSA proudly joins Harris Teeter's Together in Education program to help raise funds for our school. It's easy and it's FREE. We can't be successful without your support. All you have to do is give the cashier our code, 6376, and your VIC card when you shop at Harris Teeter and your card will be linked to our school for the entire year. You can also link your card using your online Harris Teeter account or the Harris Teeter app.This program does not interfere with your VIC savings or cost you any money.You can link up to 5 schools on your card! Ask your family and friends who shop at Harris Teeter to link their card to Mallard Creek High School PTSA as well using any of the methods mentioned above. Remember, please don't forget to link your VIC card to our account code next time you are shopping at Harris Teeter.

Thank you for your support!

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Maverick Pride!

Have a Wonderful Winter Break!

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