Mrs. Whitlock's Weekly Math Updates

December 7-11

Important Dates

Friday, December 11: Homework Packet 14 due, Chapter 16 Test (Please note that I moved this from the 10 because of our field trip - whoops!)

Monday, December 14: Benchmark Test Chapters 10-15

A Peek at Next Week...

We will be wrapping up our unit of numbers to 120 by talking about number patterns and comparing numbers using the terms greater than, less than, and equal to. Our test will be on Friday.

The following Monday, we will have our Benchmark Test that covers material from Chapters 10-15. The homework packet 14 for this week is a great study tool as it is a review from these chapters! This is a great week to take note and review areas your child may not have mastered yet.

We will do some fun refresher activities during the last week of school. When we come back from the break, we will work with adding and subtracting up to 100. After that, we will have a unit on money, multiplication and division, and then we'll be ready for our second grade material. Can you believe it?!?

Mrs. Melissa Whitlock

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