Anna and the French Kiss

Stephanie Perkins


This book captures the question most girls ask themselves: "But-does-he-like-me?!" It's full of love and real life situations, with twists and turns all the way. It's the perfect teenage love story every girl dreams of having, but knows it's only in the books and movies. It's deffinetly a story you want to live in forever.

Favorite Passage

"Will you please tell me you love me? I'm dying here."

And then we're laughing. And then I'm in his arms, and we're kissing, at first qiuckly-to make up for lost time-and then slowly, because we have all the time in the world. And his lips are soft and honey sweet, and the careful, passionate way he moves them against my own says that he savors the way I taste, too.

And in between kisses, I tell him I love him.

Again and again and again.

Character Poem

Anna Oliphant

beautiful, blonde stripe, gapped-toothed

Etienne St. Clair

loving, deciding, finding self

I like her, she describes every girl that falls in love with her best friend.