Recent Events

by Jeri Fries

Rumor Has It...

Last night was the most eventful one of the year! Beowulf comes back after defeating Grendel's mom and he thanks Unferth for the sword! That right there tell you something about Beowulf, but with the celebration last night for Beowulf the true story was bound to come out. Beowulf told a group of men that the sword Unferth gave him didn't even work. Somehow word got back to Unferth and that's when all hell broke loose.

Of course everyone who was celebrating last night was a little tipsy and words are always getting mixed up as rumors spread, so by the time the rumor hit Unferth the rumor was a completely false. Unferth heard that Beowulf believes that Unferth gave him the sword, so that he would die and Unferth wouldn't have to fear being told off again. So, Unferth, as tipsy as he was, tried to tell of Beowulf, but Beowulf was a little tipsy himself. At some point they both tried to fight, but because of all the drinking each punch took five minutes just to get into the air. They ended up looking like they were fighting themselves not each other. Sooner or later someone had to stop them. That person just happened to be the king.

The King ended up breaking Unferth's sword and almost taking away Beowulf's gifts that he received. It was quiet an impressive sight. The king got the full stories out in the open. Well, he got the gist because half the stuff these two men were saying made no sense. It actually cause them to finally settle their feud, but now there is a rumor going around about who won the fight last night.... I say the King did