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Mrs. Kelley's 3rd Grade Class Newsletter

HOT but fun week! September 2013

It was a busy week! We played math games, observed and made investigations in Science, and READ, READ, READ!! I had fun choosing pictures to show you all that goes on in your child's day. Kids are getting used to me snapping pictures all the time. We have a few "hams" in our classroom!

Check your child's Take Home Folder on Monday for a list of homework for the week. I've also listed the homework below in the newsletter. Encourage your child to read at home. If your student finishes a book at home that will qualify for our 9 for 9 Challenge, please list the title and add your initials to the 9 for 9 sheet. Encourage your kiddo to choose books that are on their level and not super easy. I want them to "buy in" to the incentive to read, but I also want to ensure they are improving their reading skills by choosing books at or a little bit above their independent level. We are discussing this daily at school!! The ultimate BIG PICTURE goal would be for children to LOVE to read and therefore, to read often, so I want them to choose books they enjoy.

If you received an email from me earlier this week about Skyward forms please take time this weekend to go online to submit the required LISD forms. Included in this online paperwork is a technology form that must be submitted for your child to access the technology at school. This includes classroom laptops, computer lab, iPads, etc. I would love to sign up our class for lab and iPad time ASAP. Thank you for helping us with this. Below the specials list is a link to LISD Technology Dept. that will link to the Skyward forms. The Homestead office can also help you with any questions you have about these mandatory forms.

Finally, as a part of our curriculum we will have a 911 Remembrance Day this week. I will not go into much detail on the reason for this day of remembrance. I found a great picture book called The Man Who Walked Between the Towers. This children's book retells the story of Philippe Petit. He was a tightrope walker that walked between the World Trade Center towers in 1974. I plan to read the book and talk VERY briefly and with very little detail about the reason for a remembrance day. If any questions come up from the children I will direct them to talk to you. My feeling is that these types of discussions should be between parents and children. You know your child best and you can best determine how little or how much they can handle at this age.

I'm ready for some fall weather!! How about you?? Have a great weekend!

Here is a rundown of our lessons for the week of September 9th:

Math: Problem Solving, Base-Ten number systems, Place Value, and Addition combinations. We also continue with daily math fact practice.

Spelling: Students will have a spelling list to work on at home and school this week. We will use the Words Their Way program that was used in 2nd grade. We will follow a similar routine. Students will bring home a Spelling folder each day. Inside you will find a list of activities that would be helpful for your child. You can do as much or as little as you have time for... We will have a test on Friday.

The routine I used with my own children worked very well. I gave them an informal practice quiz over their words on Monday. The rest of the week we concentrated on the words that gave them trouble. On Thursday evening, we had another informal practice quiz over all the words. Please email if you have any questions over spelling.

Science: Matter

Writer's Workshop: Our focus in writing this week will be composing Complete Sentences. This is so important!! I will sprinkle in a couple of lessons on adjectives. We will also have several cursive lessons. Look for practice sheets in take home folders for homework.

Reader's Workshop: We have a story from our Reading Book; Destiny's Gift. Look for a list of vocabulary words to practice in your child's Take Home folder. (Vocab quiz on Thursday) We will have a comprehension test on Friday. We will also work on comprehension strategies and writing responses to what we read in our journals.

Social Studies: Good Citizenship is our BIG IDEA for the entire 9 weeks. Our work for the next few weeks will center around Biographies of people that demonstrate good citizenship qualities.


Mon: Music

Tue: PE

Wed: Art

Thur: Science (Please return Library books by Thursday)

Fri: Library

Homework Sept. 9-13

My Third Grade Homework Kelley’s Kids

Week of September 9, 2013


__Study spelling words and activity

__Practice cursive

__Read to accomplish 9 for 9 challenge


__Study spelling words and activity

__ Destiny’s Gift practice vocabulary

__ Read to accomplish 9 for 9 challenge


__ Study spelling words and activity

__ Destiny’s Gift practice vocabulary

(Quiz on Thursday)

__ Read to accomplish 9 for 9 challenge


__ Study spelling words and activity

(Test on Friday)

__Read to accomplish 9 for 9 challenge

__ Practice cursive


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