Elementary Curriculum Newsletter

January 2016 Edition

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Edmodo - Always Updating

If you're part of our Edmodo Elementary Curriculum page, you know there are regular updates as well as resource and idea sharing going on all the time. This online community is free, easy to join, and easy to use. Many are using it for parent and student forums as well.

Your incentive to join? Information! Also, if you become a new member of the Elementary Curriculum page by joining by the end of January, you will be entered to win a prize - a $25 Barnes & Noble gift card! Follow the link below, add the join code for your school and the join code for our page, and you're in! I'll get a notice that you've joined and you'll be entered to win!

School Codes for Joining Edmodo

School 2 -mtma03

School 3 -ys9sik

School 4 -a67vmz

School 5 -wwviub

School 6-Keab43r

School 8 -mvqyvg

School 9e- 7jfnhn

Current Edmodo Join Code for Elementary Curriculum Page: 5vwvnx

Book in the Spotlight: Crenshaw By Katherine Applegate

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Crenshaw was recommended to our family by fellow Oceanside educator and mom, Mrs. McGahan. It is a beautiful, fanciful story of an imaginary friend who helps a boy and his family who are going through difficult times.

The book helps expose children (probably best grades 2-4) to ideas of hunger and homelessness. Empathy and the wish to help others become the natural outgrowth of this tale. Campaigns surrounding the book encourage children to donate food and help local people in difficult situations. What better way to start the new year than with actions like these?!

New Sumdog Contest - Beginning February 26, 2016 - Ends March 3.

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To take part, students simply play Sumdog's math games.

Scores are based on accuracy, and questions tailored to each student's level - so everyone has a fair chance.

Each contest runs from 8am local time Friday to 8pm the following Thursday - but you can play at any time during this period.

Great Free Science/STEM Websites

These sites provide exciting challenges for X-Period or home, and the videos in Mystery Science may serve as great question-opening teacher tools as well. Anyone conducting science fairs may find helpful ideas here as well!

True Flix & Book Flix

Great resources for Science, Social Studies, and research for informational genres in writing! Thanks to Mrs. Burns for helping us gain wider access to these resources!
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To use your subscription please see access information below:

In-School Access for Book Flix & True Flix:

Boardman ES:



Florence A Smith ES:



Oceanside ES #3:



Kindergarten Sch #6:



Fulton Ave #8:



Oceanside ES #4:



Oceanside ES #5:



Residency Schedules - February and March

Hi! Thanks, all, for making me so welcome in your schools for "residency" days. I love touching base, being able to pre-schedule appointments with you, and the spontaneous conversations that happen throughout the day. It's great to be in the hallways and the classrooms and to be with your happy, inspired students. Thank you!

Remaining Residencies for January:

#4 - Friday 1/15

#5 - Wednesday 1/20

#6 - Friday 1/22

#3 - Tuesday 1/26

#8 - Wednesday 1/27

#9E - Friday 1/29

Residencies for February:

#2 - 2/1

#3 - 2/3

#4 - 2/5

#5 - 2/8

#6 - 2/10

#8 - 2/12

#9e - 2/23

Humans of Oceanside

If you're on Facebook, maybe you've already "friended" Humans of New York and be following the human interest stories that photographer and interviewer Brandon Stanton brings to life through his photos and stories. His humanity and inclusiveness helps open our eyes to the vast diversity of the city, and, more recently, the world. His stories have compelled action through fund-raising campaigns, political activism, and social justice campaigns.

Humans of Oceanside aims to celebrate our own treasures of our community - our humans! The learning they share speaks to the great work of our educators!