LARRY llama's

trip to the tropical rain forest

My home

My home is filled with grass and is populated with all sorts of other animals. Like Rhinos’,Ostriches,Lions got to watch out for them. Also there’s some other animals there like Zebras’, and Ponies. There all my friend but the Lions and the Hyenas. Also I’m a herbivore I eat plants such as grass, or grain. I live in a rocky cave. I also like shady places to sleep in.

How I think it is in the tropical rain forest

If I would live in a different biome, the tropical rainforest. It would be very different because first there’s more rainfall and more predators. Also there’s less friends that I know of, there’s one person Ande Armadillo he has some friends that he could introduce to me. One other thing it would be extremely different because the it is way more dangerous than the grasslands.

When I got there

I thought it was going to be fun here but it wasn’t there was lots of weird sounds and rainfall every time you look up, but those sounds got peaceful after a while. It was pretty peaceful there all the majestic sounds made me sleepy so I stopped walking and laid myself down. I woke up very thirsty. I found a tree that was pouring with water but it wasn’t even raining. There was so many trees’ the rain didn’t get down until like ten minutes after it rained. There was this weird guy walking down the street (look below he sent me a selfie) I think it was a Sun Bear he looked like he needed some ice-cream. Then I saw my bro Ande walking along we chilled for a little eating popcorn and mac n’ cheese. We also watch all the whole Indiana Jones series including the crystal skull it was awesome. It was getting really hot in here. I think it’s always

around 70 and 85° out here. I had a fun time in the tropical rain forest but it to much there for me so i’m going back home.