Mesa Verde National Park

By: Donovan Pastory

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Are RV's allowed there.

Yes, there are RV parks nearby including cortez/mesa verde KOA but, they are outside of the park. You should visit it some time. But to get in to all national parks in the U.S. your vehicle has to be under 30 Feet for some and some 35.

Entrance Fee

$10 per car per week


Mesa Verde, CO

founded as a national park



81.39 sq miles (210.8 km²)

Amount of visitors

2011(572,379 visitors) in that year


1. President Theodore Roosevelt made Mesa Verde National Park as the first national park designed to preserve the work of mankind.

2. Mesa Verde National Park holds more than 4,000 prehistoric sites that were used by the Anasazi

Some photos of it

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Mesa Verde National Park visitors explore the 800-year-old remains of the Anasazi's ancient cliff dwellings.


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Rare Species

1. Mexican Spotted Owl

P.S. That is all I could find.

Facts for rare species

Mexican Spotted Owl


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Listing Status



In the United States, there are an estimated 2,106 Mexican spotted owls. Numbers in Mexico are also dangerously low.


Mexican spotted owls are exclusively nocturnal hunters which means hunters that are active at night. They eat wood rats, mice, voles, rabbits, gophers, bats, birds, reptiles and arthropods.


Mexican spotted owls can be found in the forested mountains and canyons from southern Utah and Colorado and even in the mountains of Arizona, New Mexico, west Texas and also even into the mountains of northern and central Mexico. That is a long Range!


Mating Season: February to March.

Gestation: Around 2 months.
Clutch size: 2-4 eggs.


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