Staff Kudos June 2017

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BSD Seniors awarded ABSA Scholarships

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Five Beaverton School District seniors were each awarded $1,500 scholarships from the Association of Beaverton School Administrators (ABSA) this month.

Katja Berger - Southridge High School

Most Influential Teacher: Jeremiah Hubbard

Southridge High School’s Katja Berger is captain of the Track and Field Team and an accomplished scholar. She is an International Baccalaureate Diploma Candidate and has taken 12 AP or IB courses. Her weighted G.P.A. is 4.380. She will attend college at Northeastern University in Boston and enroll in the exploratory program. She wants to become a teacher in order to be able to inspire the next generation to be the kindest and most conscientious generation. Every weekend since her freshman year, she has been inspiring children as a volunteer at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry. Katja said, “I hope one day to impact a student’s life as much as my teachers have impacted mine.”

Alexander Sampson - Aloha High School

Most Influential Teacher: Tafi Etchart

Aloha High School’s Alexander Sampson has volunteered at the Bonnie L. Hayes Small Animal Shelter and run the AHS concession stand. In these experiences, he has learned the value of cooperating with others and contributing to the community. He has taken nine AP courses and earned a 4.306 weighted G.P.A. Alex recalled visiting his brother at college and realizing that he could see himself attending college someday. This fall, he will enroll at the University of Oregon’s Clark Honors College and pursue coursework in Physics and Mathematics. As he contemplates his future career, Alex hopes to find a job that does not feel like a job and to maximize his impact on the world.

Shareef Achekzai - Arts & Communication Magnet Academy (ACMA)
Most Influential Teacher: Kevin Bennett & Joel Morello

ACMA’s Shareef Achekzai is Student Body President and serves as the school’s representative on the Beaverton Student Advisory Committee. He has taken three AP classes at ACMA and earned a 3.347 weighted G.P.A. Shareef’s fondest memories of high school involve his interest of filmmaking - a passion he will follow with career goals of directing television advertisements. Shareef said, “When making films, I am able to be a team player while being a leader at the same time. It is an art form that truly allows me to explore my creativity and challenge myself.” Shareef will be the first in his family to attend college when he enrolls at the University of Oregon, majoring in Marketing and Advertising.

Zubaidah Alrubaye - Aloha High School

Most Influential Teacher: Sandra Boe

Zubaidah Alrubaye, from Aloha High School, participated in Newspaper Club, National Honor Society, and has coordinated book drives for Head Start students as part of the Advanced Health Careers Program. She has taken five AP classes and maintained a 3.681 weighted G.P.A. Zubaidah will enroll at Portland State University this fall and pursue studies that prepare her for a career as an Emergency Medical Technician and Firefighter. Zubaidah is excited about the opportunity to have a career where she is able to help others in the community and interact with patients. She said that she appreciates the advice offered to her by an Aloha teacher who told her to follow her heart, rather than money, in deciding on a career.

Satchel Phillips - Sunset High School

Most Influential Teacher: John Scheeler

Satchel Phillips from Sunset High School is a volunteer coach in the school’s youth baseball program and has held leadership positions in the football and baseball programs. In reflecting on his leadership in baseball, Satchel said, “I have learned in this position that I am able to hold myself and my teammates accountable while making sure the players and coaches are always on the same page. At Sunset, Satchell took five IB or Dual Credit courses and earned a 3.660 weighted G.P.A. This fall, he will be the first in his family to attend college when he enrolls at Oregon State University to study Business. He is looking forward to volunteering in Corvallis and Beaverton during his college years.

Cedar Park MS Structured Routines Center performs The Wizard of Cedar Park

Students in Pauline Lee's Structured Routines Center (SRC) at Cedar Park Middle School put on a play. The 30-minute play was titled The Wizard of Cedar Park.

Students worked hard beginning in March, learning their lines, learning about the stage, learning how to communicate with others, listening to one another, acting, wearing costumes and makeup. They also participated in multiple dress rehearsals for staging.

There were two culminating performances for families, students, staff, and the community. "Nearly all the students were able to perform independently and remembered their lines and cues!! It was a wonderful experience," says Pauline.

In total, there was a cast of 16 which included students from the Structured Routine Center (SRC), one each from the Social Communication Classroom (SCC) and the Emotional Growth Center (EGC). Special Education Program Assistants and Instructional Assistants acted as makeup artists, costumers, script coaches, stage crew, and cast wranglers. They included: Nancy Hatfield, Prachee Bhatnagar, David Waldrip, Emily Kiernan, Summer Jelly, Janet Roth, Lakshmi Sajeev, Viveka Bavineni, and Luke Sahnow. Drama teacher, Andra Royse also supported the production with the assistance of Cedar Park teachers Carolyn Farran and Katelynn Hitsman.

"We are grateful that our students' parents fully supported this ambitious endeavor by providing costume pieces and advertising our production. Several Cedar Park Middle School staff and staff from across the District attended the performances," states Pauline. "These fantastic students learned patience, flexibility, listening skills, sharing responsibility, working in a group, listening to one another, what a play is versus a movie, speaking loudly, and learned out to cope with their anxiety."

Employee Service & Retirement Awards (ESRA)

The following individuals were not listed in or announced their retirements after the publications of the June 1, 2017, ESRA edition of the Staff Talk Newsletter. Congratulations, and thank you for your service.

10 Year Honorees
Aloha-Huber Park K-8
Scott Drue

Human Resources
Erica Marson

Information Technology
Steven Langford
Andrew Stenehjem

Jacob Wismer Elementary School
Joan McFadden

Kinnaman Elementary School
Erika Heslin

McKinley Elementary School
Annie Pleau

Meadow Park Middle School
David Furman

Sato Elementary School
Charli Hagseth

Springville K-8
Jennifer Vanderschuere

Vose Elementary School
Melissa Holz

20 Year Honorees
Mountain View Middle School
Kelly Bordwell

30 Year Honorees
Custodial Services
Laurette Byrnes

Southridge High School
James Healy

Aloha High School
Suzanne Clark
Michael Halbrook
Stuart Kearsley

Conestoga Middle School
Sharon Hope

Robert Hazeltine
Lee Chi-Young

McKinley Elementary School
Shelagh Fitzgerald

Merlo Station Community School

Kathleen Ford

Nancy Ryles Elementary School
Linda Bargmann
Anne Young

Rock Creek Elementary School
Lori Meeks

Sunset High School
Ann Marie Ames
Michael Quinn

Terra Linda Elementary School
Jennifer Sanford
Terrill Van Orman

Westview High School
Rob Casteel
Rick Cook

Westview High School wins National History Bowl

The Westview High School History Bowl Team (Pictured left to right) Jonathan Tran, Grace Tran and Connor Warren won first place at the National History Bowl in April.

Jonathan Tran won 1st place in all around history, and Grace Tran won 2nd place in U.S. History.

Congratulations, Westview!

*Will Fritzler is also on the team but did not attend the National Competition.

BSD students compete at Intel International Science and Engineering Fair

Six Beaverton School District students competed at the International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) in Los Angeles, California last month. BSD sent more students representing our District than any other district or private school in Oregon.

The Intel ISEF is the world's largest international pre-college science competition. Each year, approximately 1,800 high school students from more than 75 countries, regions, and territories are awarded the opportunity to showcase their independent research and compete for on average $4 million in prizes.

All of the BSD student and chaperone travel expenses to this event were paid for with a generous grant from Intel.

The students representing the Beaverton School District were:

Aditya Sivakumar, 17, in grade 11, Beaverton High School with a project titled, "A Geometrical Analysis of Harmony and Counterpoint in Music Using Quotient Orbifolds".

Arjun Somayazulu, 17, grade 11, Westview High School with a project titled, "Influence of Sub-Cellular Protein Localization on Cellular Growth Rate".

Stuti Garg, 17, grade 11, Westview High School with a project titled, "Rescue of Nucleotide DNA Repair Deficiencies to UVB and Solar-simulated Irradiation by Pyrimidine Dimer Glycosylases and UV Endonucleases".
*Stuti was awarded the $1,500 Second Award in the Microbiology category.

Rohan Wagh, 14, grade 9, Sunset High School with a project titled, "A More Durable and Portable Microbial Fuel Cell that Utilizes Native Plant Based Activated Carbon Electrode and Carbon-Platinum Catalyst".

Divya Amirtharaj, 15, grade 10, Westview High School with a project titled, "Mobile Real-Time OCR for Visually Impaired Individuals".
*Divya was awarded the $500 Fourth Award in the Systems Software category.

Aditya Jain, 16, grade 12, Westview High School with a project titled, "A Novel Pan-Cancer Approach to Quantify Tumor Mutational Burden and Clinical Data Predictors for Immunotherapy Response towards Personalized Medicine".
* Aditya was awarded the $1,000 Third Award in the Computational Biology and Bioinformatics

Beaver Acres ES process first Online New Student Registraion

Pam George, Enrollment Secretary at Beaver Acres Elementary School, was the first person/school to process a new student through the Online Registration module in Synergy.

Pam commented on how easy the process was and is looking forward to processing more students this way, “Finally got my first one in! I just completed the process and was amazed how easy it was.”

Jim Newton delivered her flowers as a special treat for being the first person/school to process a student through the online module with no paper. "This is a big milestone accomplished through a lot of work in the IT Department to make this happen," says Jim.

Sunset HS students create Spanish books for Barnes Kindergartners

Thanks to a new design lab and publishing center created by Colette Cassinelli the Library Instructional and Technology Teacher (LITT) at Sunset High School, Spanish students at Sunset were able to create and publish children's picture books for their bilingual buddies in Marjorie Rios-Nogales' Kindergarten class at Barnes Elementary School.

Via FaceTime, the classes met to discuss some of the "favoritos" among Kindergarteners, which ultimately determined the topics and content of the books. Once published, students from Sunset traveled by bus to Barnes to meet their Kindergarten buddies in person and present them with their new Spanish books.

In response, the students at Barnes were excited to share some of their own published writing in Spanish with their new big buddies. It was an experience that everyone involved will always remember. The high school students were inspired by how much Spanish their little buddies knew, and the Barnes students were swept up in the simple joy of having the "big kids" they look up to take the time to give them a gift and share their love of reading.

*Submitted by Carol Baltazar

BSD students earn College-Sponsored National Merit Scholarships

Sixteen Beaverton School District students were named National Merit College-Sponsored Merit Scholarship winners:

  • Dante DeSimone, Southridge HS: Arizona State University Scholarship
  • Arthur York, Westview HS: Oregon State University Scholarship
  • Benjamin Bricken, Westview HS: Arizona State University Scholarship
  • Sohui Cheon, Sunset HS: Northeastern University Scholarship
  • Shail Rutvij Sesai, Sunset HS: University of Utah Scholarship
  • Nikita Farhaj, Westview HS: Baylor University Scholarship
  • Kathy Guo, Westview HS: Arizona State University Scholarship
  • Cassandra Larimer, Westview HS: Brigham Young University Scholarship
  • Grace Potter, Beaverton HS: Oregon State University Scholarship
  • Sneha Shah, Westview HS: Oregon State University Scholarship
  • Yijun Shao, Westview HS: University of Southern California Scholarship
  • Louise Smith, Sunset HS: Harvey Mudd College Scholarship
  • Jason Tai, Westview HS: Oregon State University Scholarship
  • Ina Wang, Sunset HS: University of Southern California Scholarship
  • Allen Yan, Westview HS: Baylor University Scholarship
  • Alexander Yao, Westview HS: University of Southern California Scholarship

Officials of each sponsor college selected their scholarship winners from among the finalists in the 2017 National Merit Scholarship Program who plan to attend their institution. These awards provide between $500 and $2,000 annually for up to four years of undergraduate study at the institution financing the scholarship.

Congratulations to all BSD National Merit Scholar winners!

Future Ready at Five Oaks Middle School

Suzanne Peerenboom, the Library Instructional and Technology Teacher (LITT) at Five Oaks Middle School received some Spheros during the last Future Ready Summit hosted by the Future Ready Team.

Recently, she and a science teacher set up a mini golf course in the Five Oaks Media Center and had teams of students programming their Spheros to navigate the course. The lesson was highly engaging with lots of programming, trial, and error.

Stoller Middle School MATHCOUNTS Team represents Oregon at National Competition

The Stoller Middle School team, coached by math teacher Manny Norse won both the Regional and State MATHCOUNTS competitions for the 6th year in a row!

The top four finalists from the State Competition advance to the National Tournament to represent the state of Oregon. Three of the four team members were from the Beaverton School District - two from Stoller Middle School, one from Meadow Park Middle School and one homeschooled student from Beaverton. (Pictured left to right: Noah Walsh, homeschooled, Brian Xu, Gopal Goel, Stoller Middle School, and Coby Tran, Meadow Park Middle School)

Nationally, the Oregon Team placed 7th which is the 2nd best that Oregon has ever done (the best was 4th place). The national contest was broadcast live on ESPN. Mr. Norse is already thinking and planning for next year’s competition so if there are any students that are interested, please contact him directly.

I.T. Department shares the love at the Oregon Food Bank

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Members of the IT Department, including: Steve Langford, Jim Newton, Joann Vazquez, Glenna Volk, Leann Smith, Deborah Thornton, Jordan Beveridge and Peter Sinclair (Pete's son, Sam) volunteered their time packing food at the Oregon Food Bank last month.

In total, they packaged more than 5,500 pounds of food which translates to each of them helping to provide more than 100 meals for those in need. The entire group felt that it was worthwhile and important to give back to our community are planning on volunteering again in the future with the Oregon Food Bank. "It felt great to be a part of a worthy cause as well as the opportunity to discuss hunger and homelessness with my son, Sam, the youngest member of the photo," commented Peter Sinclair.

"It was a blast. No shop-talk, just being together, sharing stories, and working to help those in need. In two hours we helped process close to 6,000 pounds of orzo! Very rewarding experience overall, We will do it again for sure," says Chief Information Officer Steve Langford.

Students across the District participate in the SpED Track & Field Meet

More than 600 students participated in the Beaverton School District Special Education Track & Field Meet at Beaverton High School last month.

Coordinated by Greg Lukshaitis and the District's Motor Development Team, the meet offered every participant the opportunity to run a 100-meter race, and the choice of 15 different activity stations including: soccer ball kick, tennis ball throw, ring toss, archery, long jump, limbo, disc golf, javelin throw, giant beach ball volleyball, hula hoops, bean bag toss, crafts, face painting, hammer throw and bubbles.

Students in Katie Robinson's sports marketing classes volunteered to run the activity stations.

Every athlete received a gold medal and had a great day!

Westview 10th grader wins 2017 Teen Summer Reading Art Contest

A tenth-grader at Westview High School, Elena Hessinger has been awarded top honors for her color design which depicts a group of diverse teens reading and constructing a new city in their minds. Her design expertly captures this year’s Teen Summer Reading theme: Build a Better World: Read!

Elena received a $150 gift certificate to Powell’s Books and her art will appear on all countywide Teen Summer Reading publicity this summer.

This is the eighth consecutive year that Washington County Cooperative Library Services (WCCLS) has encouraged teens to capture the spirit of summer reading through their creative art. Thirty-seven pieces were submitted to the public libraries in Washington County during the months of January and February.

Congratulation, Elena!

Portland Timbers Stand Together Week brings community partners together

The Portland Timbers, T2, and Thorns partnered with KPTV and Enterprise Rental Car employees in the 6th annual Stand Together Week service project at McKay Elementary School.

Volunteers raked and leveled the playground bark chips, weeded the interior and perimeter playground and blacktop area, and cut back massive overgrowth that impeded the perimeter walking path.

According to one volunteer, "It was a great community partnership event, with everyone in high spirits despite the drizzly weather. The playground looks brand new and I'm certain the kids will notice immediately."

"Our McKay community was highly appreciative of the work done at the Timbers 'Stand Together' community event. Staff noticed and appreciated the clean yard, raked playground and all the weeding that was done. Students were happy to be able to run around the track and not get caught by overgrown bushes. Community support like this helps students and staff feel valued and cared about by our community. We are very thankful for our community partners! Thank you Timbers, KPTV and Enterprise Rent-A-Car for bringing your big hearts to our little school," says Principal Erin Kollings.

The Stand Together Week also supported projects at Highland Park Middle School. Volunteers moved and revamped the school's MakerSpace to the front of the library from the rear corner, prominently showcasing the area. Students now see it immediately upon entering which peaks curiosities and causes them to inquire how they can get involved.

In addition, bookcases were moved, new bookcases were assembled, vinyl wall decals were added, and a 'green screen' was painted for filming & animation. This summer, once books are re-shelved, there are plans to integrate the wall shelves into the library space and add floor electrical so the 3D printer can be in the center without cords across the floor.

Westview Science Olympiad team goes National

The Westview High School Science Olympiad Team, coached by Science teacher, Fabian Mack, won the Science Olympiad State competition last month which qualified them to compete in the National Tournament.

The 15-member team includes: Benji Chiu, Divya Amirtharaj, Gokul Kolady, Grant Chen, Justin Bao, Justin Yang, Mahadevan Subramanian, Medha Prakash, Mukund Madhusudan
Nishit Mishra, Pranay Sharma, Prashanth Gopinatth, Shahir Rahman, Srikar Tallapragada,
and Anushka Naikwawar.

Two-three member teams represent the team as a whole in 23 different category events.

Congratulations, Westview!

Oak Hills Virtual Field Trip to Country Music Hall of Fame

3rd, 4th, and 5th-grade students in Mrs. Heatherly’s music classes at Oak Hills Elementary School wrote song lyrics and submitted them to Nashville musicians as part of the “Words and Music” project sponsored by the Country Music Hall of Fame. On Friday, May 19 students anxiously waited in the gym to find out who’s lyrics were selected to be performed live from Tennessee by artists Anthony Snape and Raquel Cole during a virtual field trip.

The “Words and Music” project features a 10 lesson unit that helps students sharpen their skills on everything from vocabulary, how to choose a topic and inspiration, naming the parts of a song, theme, message, rhythm & rhyme, creating strong images, and using the five senses to make their music accessible to the greatest number of people.

The school will also receive a recording of all of the lyrics selected and songs performed.

Eight BSD teachers to participate in training for teachers of English Language Learners

Oregon State University (OSU) is partnering with the Beaverton, Bend-La Pine, Springfield, Greater Albany and Corvallis school districts on a five-year project, which is being funded by the U.S. Department of Education Office of Language Acquisition for teachers who work with English Language Learners (ELL). The first group of teachers will begin the program this summer.

Eight Beaverton teachers were selected to participate in the program:
  • Kelly Cowgill, Barnes Elementary School
  • Lauren McCartney, Meadow Park Middle School
  • Saulo Hernandez Jimenez, Vose Elementary School
  • Vincent Samatowic, Meadow Park Middle School
  • Megan Poole, Meadow Park Middle School
  • Kerensa Brougham, Meadow Park Middle School
  • Floricel Negrete, Vose Elementary School
  • Shosanna Halmon, Barnes Elementary School

Participants had to apply and answer key questions such as
  • What experiences have you had interacting with English language learners?
  • Describe any formal or informal education-related leadership roles you have taken on within your building, district, or professional organizations.
  • Why are you interested in earning an ESOL endorsement?
  • How does diversity impact K-12 schools?
  • What does it mean to be a culturally responsive educator?

Participant essays were rated by three district reviewers and OSU reviewers. Then, OSU grant managers made final decisions on the selection for the cohort based on these ratings and the number of ELLs these teachers currently serve. The grant covers the tuition for their English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) endorsement which is about $10,000 per teacher.

The goal of the program is to improve educational outcomes for students who do not speak English proficiently when they enter school; these students are considered English learners. English learners face an achievement and opportunity gap that means they are less likely to complete school and go on to higher education, said Karen Thompson, an assistant professor in OSU’s College of Education, who is leading the project.

The number of English learners in Oregon has grown dramatically over the last 20 years and now makes up about 10 percent of the state's Kindergarten through 12th-grade population. But most Oregon teachers do not have specialized training or certification to work with English language learners; the state only recently began requiring newly-licensed teachers to have some basic competencies for working with these students.

Teachers who participate in the new grant project will have the opportunity to earn either an endorsement for teaching ESOL or a dual-language specialization for teaching students in two languages, Thompson said.

The grant funding will be used in part to cover teachers’ tuition. Teachers will take courses via Oregon State Ecampus, the university’s online education division. Each district will have a facilitator to provide support and hold in-person discussions with program participants.

Westview HS Unified Soccer Team has a successful season

In its 5th year, the Westview High School Unified Soccer Team won their season-ending tournament with a 4-0 record. Unified teams are made up of students in grades 9-12 with and without intellectual disabilities. They play 5-a-side soccer and the teams are co-ed. All teams represent their schools and are considered to be just like any other athletic team at the school.

Senior Ryan Kistler has coached the team the past two years. Ryan plays soccer on the Westview High School team during the regular season in the fall, and will play at Linfield College next year. "It was a challenge being the head coach. I had to organize practices, transportation and make sure everyone had paperwork in. I did, however, learn how to communicate and how to really work with the ALC kids," says Ryan.

"I will be attending Linfield College next year. I’m hoping after I get everything under control that I will go to the nearby McMinnville High School and try and get a Special Olympics team going there."

Pictured below: back row: (left to right) Ryan Kister, Lauren McClees, Michayla Sponsel, Amsilley Siagian, Nick Younkins, Takumi Jankovski, Felipe Fuke, and Akiva Wickramartna

Front Row: (left to right) Eddie Hughitt, Allyson Hooge, and Chris Jones.
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Stoller Middle School named a Common Sense Certified School: Digital Leadership

Stoller Middle School has been approved as a Common Sense Certified School: Digital Citizenship, an honor that recognizes their efforts in teaching digital literacy and citizenship to young people and engaging the entire school community in this important discussion. This recognition is provided by Common Sense Education, part of a national non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of kids and families by providing trustworthy information, education, and independent voice they need to thrive in a world of media and technology.

Thanks to Sarah Blattner, Library Instructional and Technology Teacher (LITT), also a Common Sense Media Digital Citizenship Certified Educator, Stoller Middle School is now recognized nationally as a Common Sense Certified School: Digital Citizenship. Sarah developed the Digital Citizenship curriculum that was implemented by Stoller's science/math enrichment teachers, building-wide. The curriculum covers topics like understanding our digital footprints, netiquette, online safety, cyberbullying, privacy, intellectual property, and savvy searching. The curriculum is structured around four learning pathways, specifically: Digital Footprint, NetSmarts, CopyCat, and Savvy Searcher.

According to Sarah, digital media and technology are evolving at a dizzying pace, both unlocking extraordinary opportunities and posing real risks for young people. Students are using the immense power of the Internet and mobile technology to explore, connect, create, and learn in ways never before imagined, both in and out of the classroom. But issues that emerge from this 24/7 "connected culture," such as cyberbullying, privacy lapses, and uncertainty about which information to trust online, are surfacing both in schools and at home.

Stoller Middle School sees these as teachable moments. They believe that digital citizenship skills have become essential for students in the 21st century, especially in schools like theirs that are using technology to transform learning. That's why they are committed to teaching their students how to think critically, behave safely, and participate responsibly.

Sarah will be a presenter at the National Council of Teachers of English 2017 Conference, which will be held in St. Louis, MO in November. She will lead a session on using Common Sense Media's resources for embedding digital citizenship into the daily curriculum.

Congratulations, Sarah and Stoller Middle School!

Living History Day at Aloha HS honors local veterans

On May 24, students and staff at Aloha High School welcomed local veterans who served in WWII, Korea, Vietnam, and Iraq wars at the 17th Annual Living History Day.

Superintendent Don Grotting welcomed the veterans and students. Aloha students greeted the veterans with an impressive Honor Guard as they entered the school. Students in history classes had the opportunity to visit with the veterans about their experiences.

Social studies teacher, Vince Kirnak, supported by social studies teachers Scott Baker, Brian Bakanec, and the Social Studies Department coordinated the event. Business teacher, Jeff Smith from Sunset High School organized the honor guard.

Veterans were split into rooms, each room having representatives from all eras. Students rotated in 20-minute intervals and connected with several vets from different wars. Breakfast and lunch were provided by the Aloha High School Parent Teacher Organization (PTO). Community partner, Black Rock Coffee donated coffee for the event.

Sunset High School Honor by Listening honors local veterans

Sunset High School hosted the 18th annual Honor by Listening event on Thursday, May 18, 2017.

Honor by Listening hosted local war veterans for an inter-generational oral history opportunity. Veterans were welcomed to the school by Sunset’s Honor Guard holding American flags in formation.

Students had the opportunity to talk with the veterans to get a sense of what it’s like to serve during wartime and to learn life lessons. The event fosters inter-generational communication, and also allows students to grapple with how history is remembered and written. The event also fosters wonderful connections within the community that live on for years.

Watch the KATU feature below:

BSD Bands rock it!

The Sunset High School Jazz Band received 1st place at the Inaugural OMEA State Jazz Championships.

The Southridge High School Wind Ensemble received 3rd place at the OSAA 6A State Band Championships.

The Meadow Park Middle School Marching Band earned a 1st place rating for the 5th year in a row at the St. John's Parade last month. Highland Park Middle School also won 1st place. Whitford Middle School and Mountain View Middle School earned 2nd place ratings.

Sunset High School Marching Band won 1st place in the In-State Open (100 or more) category at the Rose Festival Grand Floral Parade. Aloha High School won 2nd place in the In-State Division A (99 Members or Less) category.


BSD Rebels for a Cause recognized by Governor Kate Brown for tobacco prevention achievements

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Governor Kate Brown thanked legislative champions and partners for their hard work over the years to keep Oregonians, particularly youth and young adults, safe from the harms of tobacco. She also presented an award to Oregon high school students who are members of Rebels for a Cause, a student-led group, for their work to raise awareness about the dangers of tobacco to Oregon youth.

The award, a Douglas Fir tree to be planted at Beaverton High School, symbolizes every Oregonian’s right to breathe clean air free from dangerous tobacco smoke.

Rebels for a Cause was founded in partnership with Providence School Outreach in 2010, approximately 20 BSD students are currently Rebels.
Rebels for a Cause

Beaverton students honored as winners of 2017 Creative Expression Contest

Beaverton students were recognized at the May 2, 2017 City Council Meeting as winners of the 13th Annual Human Rights Creative Expression Contest winners.

The Creative Expression Contest is an opportunity for all K-12 Beaverton students to show their understanding of the importance of acceptance and human rights by sharing their feelings, opinions, experiences and ideas in a creative style. Entries could be in the form of essay, poem, spoken word, song, music, poster, drawing, collage, any art or craft medium, film, dance, or any combination of these. This year's winners include:

Elementary School:

First place: “Poem for the Dreamers,” Lucy Genck, Chehalem Elementary, 4th grade

Middle School:
First Place: “Being Black,” Celia Castillo-Torres, Arts and Communication Magnet Academy (ACMA), 7th grade

View all of the winning entries on the Creative Expression Contest webpage.

Construction Updates

Communications & Community Involvement Department

The Beaverton School District recognizes the diversity and worth of all individuals and groups. It is the policy of the Beaverton School District that there will be no discrimination or harassment of individuals or groups based on race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, national origin, marital status, age, veterans’ status, genetic information or disability in any educational programs, activities or employment.

WE Empower all students to achieve post-high school success.

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