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buy chocolate chip scones

Chocolate chip scones are our most popular scones

And that's why you will love them.

Sure, I know you value non-conformity. You are your own person and we here at C&C Bakers really admire that about you. You didn't buy that NorthFace jacket because everyone else has one. No, you bought it because you care about quality products. And you're not wearing those Uggs because everyone else is. No. You are wearing them because you enjoy sport and a relaxed, active lifestyle. You were vegan long before Beyonce was, and you were drinking kombucha tea before the first hipster rode his Vespa into Brooklyn.

That said, let's be honest with ourselves. Sometimes it feels good to make the same choice as everyone else. Sometimes, it feels right to fit in, to swim downstream. Science confirms it to be true, right here on the internet. Conformity brings us joy.

So when it's time to place your scone order, you know what to do. Order the chocolate chip scones. They are delicious - all of our scones are. They are moist, sweet, ready to bake when you are ready to eat. But beyond that, they are popular and the popular choice is the right choice.

Join the crowd. Buy chocolate chip scones. With walnuts or without, in regular, mini and petite.