By Min Roh 1st Period

Visit France!

If you like tall buildings, shopping, museums, beaches, mountains, and great food, there is a place where you can achieve everything on the list, and it is France. Everyone will enjoy France because of its variety. Buildings are elaborate, food is delicious, rivers are beautiful, and museums, such as Louvre Museum, shown on the left, are interesting. No wonder France is the most visited country in the world!

Religions, foods, and cool sites!

 Christianity is the most dominant religion with 51% of the French population are Christians while 31% have no religion at all and other 18% are Jews, Muslims, or etc. It is shown as a pie graph on the right. Few of the most popular foods in France are: coq au vin, fromage, which is cheese, and creme brulee, which is cream dessert with caramel, and crepes, thin pancakes with fillings. There are a lot of places you should visit in France. You should go to Eiffel Tower, watching the night view of Paris, and go to Louvre Museum and see all kinds of paintings, and go to Versailles Palace and look around. If you have luck, you can see the big military parade in Place de la Revolution on July 14th. July 14th is Bastille day, which celebrates the beginning of the famous French Revolution. French is spoken by 130 million people across the world, in France and parts of Africa. Simple words includes Bonjour, means hello, and Merci, means thank you. France is a republic, which means representatives across the country governs France. The currency of France is euro, which is worth around 2.30 dollars.


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