Madagascar on the Indian Ocean



In Madagascar the people practice christian.There are only two holidays in Madagascar. The holidays are Christmas and Independence day on June 26.In Madagascar people eat vegetable soup, hot red pepper, roasted shredded beef. Kids play soccer,wrestling,and swimming.Madagascar is 224,534 square mile long.

Population, literacy rate, life expectancy,and total area

The population of Madagascar is 22,599,098. The ethnic groups of Madagascar are Malayo-Indonesian, coties, and Arb ancestry.For male's the literacy rate is 75.5% and the female literacy rate is 62.5%. The total literacy rate is 68.9%.The life expectancy is 68.90%.


In Madagascar there are only two holidays. They are Christman and Independence day.I didnt know that in madagscar people play soccer,wrestling, and swimming.Did you know that people practice Christian as a religion.

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