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Pumpkin Book Charactetrs

Sublimity Students were allowed to create a pumpkin designed as a book character. This was an optional project. Students were not allowed to bring in carved pumpkins however they were allowed to bring in real or fake pumpkins. The pumpkins were displayed in the lobby. Family members were allowed to help but the student was to do the majority of it . There was many creative pumpkins decorated as book characters. They included the minion from Despicable me, Mike Wasoski from Monsters University, Pinkalicious from the book Pinkalicious, Sofia from Sofia The First. Keep checking back every week and read these articles! by Lilly Hoskins

Haunted Library

On Halloween this year at  Sublimity Elementery Mrs.Ford hosted our annuel Haunted Library! Mrs.Ford did an amazing job decorating the library. It was creepy and a little scary but the best part of the Haunted Library  had to be our guest speaker Tomas Freeze and his horifing stories. Tomas Freeze told two stories. One was about a vampire and the other one was about a crying woman. My friends and I were scared,and we don't scare easily! My favorite story was the crying woman. I can't go into detail about this story because it's proboley too scary for the little kids. I can tell you it was very scary! Sence we are studying story telling Mrs.Ford got Tomas Freeze to come to our school and tell his horifing stories. So I hope everybody got to go to the Haunted Library and listen to Tomas Freezes horifing Jenna Salyers