Beers Solution Lab

By: Megan VanMaanen

Background information

What to know:

The purpose of this lab was to determine whether or not Aunt Elda died due to anesthetic complications. The normal amount of anesthesia used in a procedure is under 40%.

Before beginning you need some materials, a graduated cylinder, computer, food coloring, pipet, cuvettets, colorimeter, water, Lab Pro software.

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This is a cuvette which you fill with the solution and place in the calorimeter to get a reading.
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This is a Colorimeter which is an instrument used for measuring the intensity of color.
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You can use a pipet to make get more precise measurement, while making your solution.
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Graduated Cylinder

You would use a graduated cylinder to measure out your ml of solutes and solvents to make your solution.


Step 1: Connect the Colorimeter to the computer interface, then open , Logger Pro.

Step 2: Now you're ready to calibrate the Colorimeter.

Step 3: Insert cuvette into the calorimeter & wait for the reading. (keep the data)

Step 4: Continue this process with the 10, 20, 30 etc. cuvette's until all data is collected.

How to Make a Solution

To get the solution that you need, you would combine the food coloring solute with the water solvent to a total of 10 ml. To get a 30% solution you put 3 ml of the solute & 7 Ml of the solvent.
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The graph shows the observations made when plugging the Calorimeter into the computer. This scientifically explains what happens with the evidence shown.


To conclude this lab we found out that the reason Aunt Elda died was not due to a mistake made by her Anesthesiologist. We know this because when the unknown solution was put into the Calorimeter it read at about 30% which is under 40% meaning the anesthesiologist did not give her too much anesthesia.
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