Joaquin Miller Staff Bulletin

November 17, 2014

November 4th Extended Site Visit Debrief

Kyla and a support person for our regional area, Marie Roberts conducted one of the newly added Extended Site Visits. These new opportunties for District level Directors to be apart of schools in a more proactive, productive and collaborative format is coming from the Superintendent Antwan Wilson.

On November 4th, the day started with classroom observations of selected classes. The protocol calls for the guest observers to conduct the observations and focus groups without the school leader. This helps them opportunity to have a broader view as an outside partner. (Next time all classes will be visited, as that is what the protocol asks for.) Kyla and Marie reported feeling welcomed in to the school by staff, teachers, students and parents.


Students and staff expressed a sense of pride being a part of the Joaquin Miller Community

  • Based upon interviews with students and staff, students expressed a sense of community among each other and staff stated that they enjoyed working with one another.

Evidence of routines established between principal and students, like: principal assignment for students, flyers announcing the latest school events and up-to-date bulletin boards, highlighting student work and learning throughout the school.

Strong Parent Involvement in School Community

  • There was strong parental presence in hallways and inside classrooms.
  • Parents were observed reading to individual students and taking notes about their reading progress; assisting with special events in the classroom or working with a small group of students, right outside the classroom.

  • Staff underscored the importance of parent involvement to support their classroom efforts, particularly, in establishing Balanced Literacy structures and systems--setting up the leveled classroom libraries.

Evidence of Science Instruction in all Classrooms

  • All classrooms visited showed evidence of science instruction--anchor charts, vocabulary or concepts posted on the classroom walls.
  • Observed Science Prep teacher in 5th grade classrooms and teachers in the focus group were able to articulate that STEM was a school focus.

Evidence of Emerging Student Voice

  • Based on student interviews, there are several structures in place for students to express their input about the school--1:1 with principal, student beads and student council.


Common Expectations Around Creating Conditions for High Academic Rigor

  • During the visit, it was observed that daily schedules and learning targets were not posted in all classrooms. When interviewed, most students were able to explain the task, but not the reason for why they were completing the task or why the task was important.
  • In addition, students in the focus group were not able to articulate any learning goals.
  • Lastly, most teachers interviewed were not able to articulate how they communicate learning goals to students.
  • Learning objectives and daily schedules should be posted in each and every classroom, every day. When students are asked, they should be able to explain, what they are learning and why they are learning it.


As a staff we will dive deeper into this report to celebrate the good work we are doing and to discuss what is needed to address the area of improvement at our upcoming ILT Team Meeting and at Our Staff (Teachers and Staff) Meeting on Wednesday, Novemeber 19.

All staff are welcome to come to these meetings.

Great job teachers and staff for plowing through all of the assessments! Well done!

ATTENDANCE DIRECTIVE FROM DISTRICT LEADERS: Joaquin Miller's Attendance Policy is in your mail boxes.


It is a non-negotiable that all schools maintain adequate attendance protocols. We want to appreciate those schools that have effectively put into place and maintained the required procedures and remind others to put these systems into place, immediately. The difference quality attendance accounting can make for our District and students is tremendous. Now is the time!


1. Place an electronic copy of your Attendance Accounting Protocol in the proper Network Folder byMonday, November, 17th. PLEASE ensure your school name is in the TITLE of your Protocol Document name.

2. Ensure that all monthly attendance reports are signed by you.

3. Ensure that coding for any Independent Study is appropriate and student work is regularly collected, logged and graded.

4. Ensure that ALL TEACHERS are completing and signing their weekly attendance forms.

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Hadi Partovi,

Instructional Rounds at JM

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ILT Meeting

Monday, Nov. 17th, 3:15pm

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Faculty Council Meeting

Tuesday, Nov. 18th, 3:30pm

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Moving Forward Community Meeting

Tuesday, Nov. 18th, 7pm


Staff Meeting

Wednesday, Nov. 19th, 9pm

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Extended Site Visit Report: Deeper Dive

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