Should we get paid for good grades?


I'm a kid myself and I think us students should get paid to make good grades that would be putting a goal that we would have to achieve.Parents don't have to pay kids to make D's and F's this is a reward for good grades not for just being at school. This will also increase dropouts and make kids independent at a early age.
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The three reasons why students should get paid to make good grades because one students need to learn to be independent at a early and need to work hard for what they want and need, two if students got paid for good grades i'm pretty sure the dropouts would decrease and students would be more focus on school work , last reason i think students should get paid for good grades cause this would be putting goals for us students to achieve "Students offered cash incentives in the Louisiana program didn't just enroll in more classes; they earned more credits and were more likely to attain a C average than were nonparticipants. And they showed psychological benefits to , reporting more positive feelings about themselves and their abilities to accomplish their goals for the future "Its not very often that you see effects of this magnitude for anything that we test" notes Thomas Brock,MDRC's director for young adults and post secondary
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Should Students Be Paid for Good Grades? (Time)

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should students get paid for good grades (Should students get paid for good grades?)