By: Allison Shandy


1. Plagiarism is the act of taking someone's work and acting as if it is your own. It could be any type of work you are taking: pictures, writing, ideas, creative work etc.

2. Keeping any of the same vocabulary or the author's ideas without quoting is still plagiarism.

3. It's not ok to copy and paste the authors paragraph and cite them.

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Plagiarism Types?

There is 2 types of plagiarism.

1. Intentional: Copying, borrowing, buying someone's work without citing them and saying it is your own is intentional.

2. Unintentional: You mean to cite the other person's work but you paraphrase poorly, and cit poorly.

What Could Happen?

If you are in 7th to 8th grade you could get out of school suspension for a certain amount of days. If you do it over and over again you will be suspended from the district, same with High School. If you do it in college you will be suspended from that college and not allowed to come back. The first time you do it you can also get an F or 0 on the assignment.

Do I Have to Cite Everything?

No you don't, you only have to cite the major facts.

What is Paraphrasing?

Paraphrasing is rewriting the paragraph you read, but you are writing it in your own words. Don't just quote the whole paragraph, make sure it is your ideas in your words.


You can use quotations, just don't use a whole lot. Don't quote a whole paragraph and say you finished that paragraph. If you use mostly quotes in your whole paper it is just like you are plagiarising with very little of your own words.


Summarizing involves putting the main idea of the article in one paragraph, and more of your own words.

How do you Cite?

You include the author's name, title of work, year it was published, web page address.

What is Annotation?

Annotation is you describing the source and how you used it.

2 Choices.

1. Quoting

2. Paraphrasing

I think that paraphrasing is better because you are writing in your own words and not using the authors so much.

What Does Citing Look Like?

"Americans throw away too much trash. For example, we created 245 million tons of trash in 2006 (Parks 7). Our trash includes things like paper and food scraps that could be recycled or composted instead."

Citing Source?


Citing Personal Interviews?

Last name, then first name, date.


after you click this website click on explora, either elementary school, middle school or high school.

use this website for free pictures, you don't have to cite the photographers, but when you search make sure you stay on the morgefile tab.

The Next Time You Think About Plagiarizing Think of These Tips and Consequences.