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Planning ahead - Advice for providing your loved ones with the information they need

It is often left up to loved ones to make funeral planning arrangements after their loved one has died. These decisions must be made rather quickly at a time of emotional distress. A funeral planning guide can be an important resource for your loved ones to avoid added stress at a difficult time. A planning guide can be downloaded for free online and/or printed and shared. It allows you to document your personal preferences and wishes so that they are clear and easily accessible when they are needed (Funeral Planning Guide, 2011).

The planning guide will provide a place for personal information which is used by the funeral director to fill out necessary paperwork. You may want to consider church affiliation and clergy, obituary and eulogy information, and organ donation preferences. You may also want to include names and contact information for those you would like to be notified of your death. Other important considerations are: funeral home, type of services or gatherings, viewing/burial or cremation details, and the location of all your important documents including those necessary to settle your estate (Personal Funeral Planning Guide, n.d.).

Find a free guide at the following website or create your own

Make a plan for how you want to be remembered at:

Family Planning

There are many considerations in planning a funeral. You want to honor the individual personal wishes and preferences of your loved one. It may be helpful to reflect upon your lives together in deciding how to plan the funeral. Does the family have a specific cemetery or plot where members can be buried together? If cremation is an alternative to burial, did your loved one have a certain place that was significant to him or her? Are there special family traditions or gathering places? We are here to help you honor your loved one's life.

Considerations for the family

  • funeral home
  • type of service
  • church/ cemetery
  • burial plot/headstone
  • type of casket/urn
  • flowers
  • obituary
  • charity donations
  • memorial funds
  • open/closed casket
  • music
  • scripture readings
  • photographs
  • eulogies
  • travel arrangements (Considerations for the Funeral, 2008)

Funeral Traditions

Each culture and religion has its own traditions and services. We provide a compassionate and respectful environment where families can honor and express diverse traditions and funeral services.

We are able to prepare for and honor the following cultural traditions:

Native American, Asian American, African American, Haitian American, Hispanic American, and European American.

We can also accommodate observances of the following religious faiths:

Native American, Buddhist, Confucian, Taoist, Hindu, Christian, Roman Catholic, Protestant, Mormon, Jewish, and Muslim (Cultures and Grief, n.d.).

Things to Consider When Choosing a Funeral Home

Do you want a funeral home that has a cultural or religious affiliation?

Do you feel that the funeral director understands your needs and concerns?

Does the funeral home offer the services, products, and facilities that you need?

Does the funeral director understand your vision?

Do you feel uncomfortable or pressured in making any arrangements?

Have all of your questions been answered adequately and thoughtfully? (How to Choose a Funeral Home, n.d.)

Are you interested in exploring and gaining insight into different cultural or religious funeral customs? Are you looking for some guidance and familiarity before attending a funeral of a cultural or religious nature which is different from your own? (Hoy, n.d.)

Explore the stories and resources at:

Financial challenges - Planning ahead

Avoid burdening your loved ones with your final expenses in a time of grief. Prepay your funeral costs.

Tips for prepayment:

  1. Comparison shop so you know the actual and reasonable costs associated with final expenses.
  2. Research the funeral home where you will be prepaying and find out exactly what will happen to the money.
  3. Ask about cancellations, transfers, and refunds
  4. Read the fine print.
  5. Save on your own. Place the money into a "pay on death" account with a designated beneficiary.
  6. Purchase a separate burial insurance policy.
  7. Consider cheaper and greener options, such as cremation (Brandon, 2008).

Affordable and appropriate products and services for your loved one

The average American funeral costs between $8,000 - $10,000. The breakdown of average costs is: casket, $2,300; funeral director's basic fee, $1,500; embalming and body preparation, $600; viewing and ceremony, $1,000; grave space and digging, $2,000; headstone, $2,000; miscellaneous expenses, $600 (The Economics of the Funeral Industry, 2013). But there are helpful tips for planning an affordable funeral. With some preparation and planning, it's possible to cut out-of-pocket funeral expenses by half. These tips and additional resources can be found at:

Here you will find cost cutting advice and instruction such as:

  • how to choose a low priced funeral home
  • how to find reasonable priced goods and services
  • how to negotiate for discounted rates (How to Plan an Affordable Funeral, 2015)

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