" The Kind One"

Once there was a mere little bunny who was small and was bullied and always taken advantage of. One day, he was calmly walking through the forest when suddenly, pack of hyenas were prowling near the bunny and chortling and mumbling to themselves what they had in store for the bunny. The first hyena said without hesitation," Well, well, well. If it isn't the little bunny who can't do anything without his mommy." Without hesitation, the other hyenas started to laugh. " I am not a mama's boy, I am a big boy who can do anything without their mama, just wait, you'll see." Slowly by slowly tear drops started to form in the poor bunny's eyes. To make matters worse, the hyenas came back to steal the bunnies treats that he had in his hand, before he could stop them, the left going their separate ways leaving the bunny cold and alone. The hyenas had forgotten one thing this bunny was known for having secret stashes of his most prized possessions in his pockets. Just when he had thought that he was not defeated, another group of bullies came along acting like they own place. Sadly, the bullies who were known as the fox brothers, were even worse than the hyenas, and they had one mission to take what was not theirs, the bunny's possessions. Without hesitation, the brothers grabbed what remained of the bunny's possessions and left laughing to themselves while leaving the bunny all alone. With nothing left, the bunny started to cry, wishing that he could have his belongings back and to be never bullied again. Along came a tiger, whom the bunny had never seen before and expecting what had happened before, to occur again, he started weeping, knowing that he had nothing left and everything that he had was gone. To his surprise, the tiger wiped away his tears and comforted him in his time of despair. The tiger had told the bunny that he had been what had occurred from a nearby bush and had seen what had happened to make the bunny so sad. Without further hesitation, the tiger leaped into the air and followed the scent of the bunny's missing items. Before long, the tiger returned possessing all of the bunny's possessions in his paws and in his clenched teeth. Although the tiger was happy, that he had helped someone, he was still sad for there was no way he could take care of his family. He was a kind tiger who refused to hunt for he knew how it was wrong to take someone's life for their own greed. The bunny knowing how sullen his friend was had a surprise in store for him. In minutes, he magically transformed himself into the king of the beasts. The tiger bowed showing his utmost amount of respect. " My friend," said the lion," You are in my most high respect and you showed kindness to a small animal whom everyone takes advantage of, I am in your service." "You, my friend, shall be in the kings favor, and shall be rewarded." The tiger was speechless. he tiger knew that even without a reward, he would still show kindness towards other, for that, is the way of kindness.

Moral: The moral is, kindness pays off.

Characters : The bunny, the pack of fox, the pack of hyenas, and the loyal tiger