Zeus Olympic Newsletter

By: Matt S & Charlie S

All about me...... Zeus

Zeus was the son of Cronus and Rhea. Cronus had eaten all of Zeus' siblings so Rhea gAve Cronus a rock wrapped in swaddling paper while the real Zeus was in Crete. Zeus is the most powerful God there is. He is the most powerful god of Mount Olympus. He defeated his father for the position of the most powerful god. Zeus' power that put him at the top was the thunderbolt. His symbols are a shield, oak tree, bull, and an eagle. Zeus was married to Hera but there many more love affairs than just her. His daughter, Athena, was born through his forehead fully armed. Athena was his favorite child possibly because they spent so much time together.

My Interview with Zeus

ChuckSchoess23: Hi Zeus

Zeus:Hey Chuck

ChuckSchoess23: How many wives do you have?

Zeus: I don't know I think I lost count after 7.

ChuckSchoess23: Oh thats nice. Do you and Cronus(Your father) have a nice and healthy relationship?

Zeus: Never I hate him. My brothers and I banished him, and my brothers and I had split up

ChuckSchoess23: Who was your favorite son or daughter?

Zeus: Athena, she was armored when she was born with my first wife that I swallowed.

ChuckSchoess23: Do you like your hair?

Zeus: Yes it is very fluffy, and as white as snow.

ChuckSchoess23: Do you know some greek?

Zeus: Γεια ChuckShoess23.

ChuckSchoess23: What does that mean?

Zeus: It means Hi in Greek.

ChuckSchoess23: That makes more sense. Were you ever afraid your father would eat you?

Zeus: Only when we were in war with him, but after we beat him I felt safe from that cannibal.

ChuckSchoess23: zing! How does it feel to have superpowers?

Zeus: It is actually really awesome. When any regular person makes me mad I will just zap him.

ChuckSchoess23: Do you zap people often?

Zeus: I'd rather keep that to myself. XD

ChuckSchoess23: ok well that's all the questions for today. Thank you

Zeus: Bye little mortal

Tiger Woods Compare and Contrast to Zeus

Things in common:

Zeus cheated on many women.

Woods cheated on his wife many times.

Zeus dominated the gods.

Woods dominated the golf course.

Woods is no longer number 1.

The great statue of Zeus in Olympia was destroyed.

Both of them had children.

Both their wives got upset when the were getting cheated on.

Things different about each other:

Woods is African American.

Zeus has no black backround.

Zeus has has long hair and a beard.

Woods doesn't have either of those.

Zeus had to worry about getting eaten by his father.

Tiger Woods father didn't want to eat his son.

Tiger Woods doesn't have super powers.

Zeus controls lightning.

Tiger Woods is an only child.

Zeus has five siblings.

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