Pyromania and arson addiction

By:Taimoore Arshi

What is Pyromania and Arson 🤔

Pyromania is an action of setting fire to objects with a fascination and relief in the burned aftermath. This disorder or addiction, gives a person a extreme aggresive behavior and over reaction to stress. As the flames become relieving, pyromaniacs do not set fire for money, revenge, social standing or intoxication- they do it because of their unhealthy interest in flames and burning. Arsonists are similar, though for arsonists it's usually for revenge ,Money, or social standings.

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Cause of arson addiction and pyromania 😷🤒

People with arson addiction or pyromania usually grow up around conflict within their homes. Poor parenting, with lack of attention or affection and limited supervision can lead to more planning, a common and long lasting first step for all Pyromaniacs. Children seeking thrills, social interaction and overwhelmed with stress or anxiety tend to suffer from the disorder more often