By Arron Spears


From the most powerful and wonderful things

to the most simplest forms of Life

for Pleasure is the roots of our Life

which cannot be destroyed

for if it did, our hearts would die

it makes us who we are

it gives us Joy like the Joyful apple pie your mother made you last night

for its rich color like the fall of leaves from the trees

that we see every year for it will not stop

just like Pleasure which will live on.

because it is an immortal Feeling

like the wind you Feel in the field of green

and the sound you hear from the crickets you hear at night

the music to your mind

the sight of your beloved

or the smell of roses from the garden which lie

on the soil that the rich earth has grown for Pleasure and for Life

that makes us happy and Live freely

all these things make Pleasure

for it will always thrive