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April 6, 2020

Keller ISD SEL

Click on the link below for a really great resource on personal SEL and care. It is beautifully presented and offers some great ideas. Maybe one or two will be of interest and help to you or someone you care about.


Self-Care Challenge

Virtual Vaping Forum - April 14th - Thank you for Getting the Word out to Your Communities!

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Pre-Crisis COVID19 Intervention

In response to the accelerating spread of the Covid19 virus, the intervention counseling department of Keller ISD has created this Pre-Crisis COViD19 Intervention. It is designed to help decrease the fear and the anxiety that is rampant at this time and replace it with increased confidence and calmness.

It is estimated that at some point in this pandemic you will know someone who tests positive with this virus. It may be a student, a co-worker, or a relative. You may be worried about how you will react or what you might say. The intervention team is offering you another layer that adds comfort and safety to your life. This pre-crisis intervention will help you to better prepare for those moments by giving you the opportunity to think and talk about it before that moment arrives.

This is how it will work. A team of three intervention counselors will lead you step-by-step virtually through the pre-crisis process. We will begin with an overview of the situation and where we are now. Counselors will ask about what fears and emotions may be coming to the surface and how you are handling these. You may participate or you may choose to just listen to others, whatever makes you more comfortable.

We will be offering these sessions during the week of April 13th. There will be a one hour morning session and a one-hour afternoon session. You may choose whichever one best suits your schedule.

More information will be coming soon.

Marcene Weatherall will be happy to answer questions about this incredible support for our people. Thank you!

Assistant Principal Updates and Information

  • Two great resources for families in the areas of counseling and SEL - Check them out!
1. New SEL Counseling Families

2. Counseling Activities for Families

  • All new pre-K, kinder, and first-grade students will follow the same process for all on-line enrollment beginning week of April 27th. Training on the new online enrollment process is coming soon.

  • 5th Six Weeks ended on Friday, April 3, 2020. Due to the COVID-19 closure, campuses will not run Six Weeks Attendance Reports and will not be required to complete the mandatory Discipline Attendance Cross-Check Meeting for the 5th Six Weeks. Please keep a copy of Jamie Yate's email regarding this information in your campus attendance five-year box.

  • Beginning the week of April 13th, food distribution will be adjusted to two days a week. Mondays - 2 days of food will be distributed and then Wednesdays - 3 days of food will be provided. Parents who do not have their children with them will be asked to provide a name or ID for Sodexo reimbursement purposes. (note: however, no family will be denied food)

  • Transfer Window ends on May 3rd - please let kinder and first-grade parents know when the inquire during on-line registration.

Aeries - What's Next? Discipline and Intervention Training for Non-Instructional Staff

Discipline & Intervention online training will be held next week on April 13 thru April 16, 2020.

  • Two (2) classes will be offered each day (8:30 AM & 1:00 PM)
  • Each participant only needs to attend one (1) of the eight (8) sessions offered during the week.
  • Attend the day and time that best fits your schedule.
  • The courses can be found in Eduphoria.
  • If someone at your campus did not receive this email, but should have, please share it with them.
  • Webex is not Zoom. Webex is the conferencing system used by Aeries.
  • You will not need VPN access to attend any of the webex sessions -- just an internet connection

The Discipline & Intervention session will cover configuration of discipline related tables, using the discipline and assertive discipline forms with specific consideration of state reporting requirements, generating discipline letters, discipline reports, as well as use of the Discipline Dashboard.

See what's happening next!

Aeries Training Schedule @ Keller:

ZOOM Updates and Adjustments

  • Effective Monday, any Zoom meeting will require a passcode. This will ensure only those who are supposed to be in the video conference can enter

KISD Withdrawing Students Process - New

Please refer to Jamie Yate's email regarding student withdraws for more information

1. For Parents -

2. For Campus staff -

Both sites have a wealth of information for our community and for you. Please take some time to review. Thank you!

Jon Gordon Posted This Last Week - Good Reminders!

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