Anji Bradshaw

A kind grandmother

A sweet grandmother

When my grandmother was twelve years old, she had to go to a new middle school that was big. She rode in a city bus because her family only had one car that her father had to take to work. She was really nervous about going to the new middle school and she had to choose the right city bus to get home because there was a lot outside of the school. The bus she rode was filled with strangers and only one kid rode on the bus she took. She had to do this for two years.

When the bus was late she had to go to the office by herself. The bus she rode was called Grover Cleaveland Junior High. The weather was a factor that the bus had trouble with. The bus ride to her new school costs a dime and a nickel. The first two months was scary to my grandmother.

A lesson she learned

She learned to be independent

While my grandmother was at the new middle school, she learned to be independent. She learned that being independent is a good thing because the older you get is when your supposed to be independent. When she learned independent was when she was having some hardships through middle school. My grandmother is really helpful and I love that she is like that. She was born in 1954

Bryce Short

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